faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Friday, October 29, 2010

Praise Him

I’ve changed. My heart, character, and everything =) Perhaps it’s because I’ve surrounded myself with people wh0 understand me especially my “Faith, H0pe & L0ve” and with G0d’s pe0ple <Praise the l0rd> or perhaps I am n0w m0re open and willing for the L0rd to teach me and deal with my hassles as He pleases. =)

N0w I manage t0 deal with the “pain” and many other issues that have happened in my lives. Thru camps and gathering, I have already learnt s0 many new things about my life, both past and present. Last few weeks were a p0int of complete joy in my life. As I read aloud the prayers to God, I was overjoyed at the realization that the healing that He did in my life almost many years ago was real and completely solidified in my heart and spirit.

L0rd, I pray that you w0uld c0ntinue to m0uld me into the woman of God that you created me to be. Let me be sensitive to Your spirit and to what You are saying to me. May my life be acc0rding t0 y0ur will c0z I kn0w that Y0u has a better plan f0r me. I will waiting patiently with this humble heart ^^.

^^ Thank y0u Debbie, nick, Brenda, beatrine and everyb0dy!!! What I have learnt fr0m 0thers: When there is hatred, sh0w them L0VE; when there is injury, show them PARD0N; when there is doubt, show them FAITH; when there is despair, show them H0PE and when there is sadness; share them the JOYFULNESS! G0d teaches us a l0t! really3 banyak 0wh!! Let us strengthen our faith, h0pe and love to G0d. Amen!

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