faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Let me share my experienced ab0ut alc0h0l… my first th0ught was! “W0w!!! I can feel high is it? All my w0rries will be g0ne as I get drunk is it? Co0l man! I wanna try! I wanna try” teenager’s th0ught – s0 excited dis. Hahaha.. s0, my first enc0untered was tiger, as my aunt suggested. With an excited face, I said yes ^_~. After a gulp! Euuuww…. Wuek.. pui pui pui.. “why it tastes s0 bitter and feel h0t in my thr0at!” they all said it w0nt be very bitter. @_@ panipu… then they asked me t0 try “mentaku”, my granddad said, “sweet bah this c0mpared tiger, y0u sh0uld try this”. I w0nt believe my granddad, even tiger bitter d, he tipu f0r sure. S0 I just had a sip, and!!!!! Eeeuuuwww… eeeuuuuwww… eeeuwww… sweet bitter s0ur umami and all kind of taste la~ ish3… I th0ught I can get drunk@feel high la~  wh0 kn0ws~ end up with dissap0intment. 0_olll

Wine. Everyb0dy l0ves wine. Wine can be categories as high class alc0h0l because of the pr0cessing equipment and the grapes they are using. My dad said: “this wine tastes s0 sweet, n0 bitter taste”. Even my aunt said s0. Meanwhile, I had just 0bserved pe0ple’s face at the wedding dinner when they had a sip of the wine. Wh0aa… a sip sh0uld be a nice sip I guess. Like in the tv, they will smell the wine ar0ma first and then have a sip, perhaps I sh0uld try? Why n0t? Then, I asked the waitress t0 fill the glass f0r me. 0wh… best 0wh the feeling~ ahahha… smell first, wh0aa… nice smell! F0r sure sweet la. After a sip. W0w…. I tell ya! Crazy!!!! Where g0t sweet taste!!! Bitter and a bit s0ur 0r whateva the exact taste it is. I have n0 idea~ I mumbled by myself “sweet?? bitter g0t la”. Why la I can’t accept that kind of taste.. huh… sad 0wh me, pity 0wh, wine expensive what~ ahahaha…

Wine experience, during arm0ur up camp!! Hahaha… after we all were given the bread then we were given a sip 0f wine~ even I wanna h0ld the cup als0 feel like n0 energy, I was trembling during that time. C0z 0f the wine~ special~ After a sip, I kept on swallow it and my heart was beating s0 fast.. dup dap dup dap dup dap… I can’t even concentrate on praying until I “gulp”. ~ why 0wh?? The taste la=(

V0dka. Matrix time, my br0ther said that he wanna try any ethan0l@liquor fr0m Labuan c0z cheap s0 I b0ught the cheapest 0ne. V0dca with a transparent glass, green apple symbol and the c0l0ur of that v0dca exactly look like h20@water. 0nce reached h0me, my br0ther and me felt s0 excited and s0 badly wanna try dis. S0, he gulp the b0tlle and after that he straight away ran t0ward the sink!!! Ahahaha… funny!!!! I th0ught the taste will be the same like grapes juice c0z it cheap and I assumed v0dca was apple juice c0z g0t the green apple symb0l~ ar0und rm20 0nly~ I tasted a bit, taste like balo0n gum.. the smell and taste really str0ng and exactly the same like cheap 10sen bubble gum that. I threw all the c0ntent.. ahahaha… wasting my $$. Kweng3…

Beer? C0usin’s wedding dinner, I tried 1/9 beer n 8/9 c0ke~ n0t bad the taste!!! Hahaahhaa… funny 0wh… my mum and dad were als0 ast0nished during that time. @_@.. my br0ther, every time he drink juz a glass then he’ll turn red like b0iled prawn~ hahaha…
Heineken? The taste is lighter than tiger. D0nt kn0w, f0r me there is n0 different~ whateva la.. I ever tried a sip la laz time hang 0ut with LF buddies! >,<v “Sandy I can drink la!!! Ahahaha… ever drink few times~ the taste sh0uld be 0k la perhaps~” wahahaha.. 4g0t d. here my picture with heiniken, sh0w 0ff dis, im the Queen of alc0hol! Ahahaha.. ~_^ ahahaha…

Camus? W0w.. they all said expensive this? Really?? D0nt care ab0ut the price, even have a sip als0 eeuuwwww…. The smell s0 terrible and the taste very str0ng like tyre plus plastic plus carcin0genic plus amm0nia “perhaps” plus nitrogen plus s0dium carboxylate etc.. wahahaha… I tried la, d0nt wanna miss the chance.. laz time hang 0ut with f0rm5 buddies, I was f0rced t0, reluctantly drink that but with 9/10 c0ke and 0kla the taste. Till t0day, the taste really haunted me, I can’t f0rget h0w the taste was. It always in my mind and s0meh0w I can feel it on my tastebuds, even n0w. Yes, n0w.  Am I addicted t0 it 0r trauma actually? Wahahahaha… n0 idea dude.

p/s: I d0nt wanna be go0d girl, s0 kuai kuai dis, d0nt drink all this stuff and d0 that stuff, life is sh0rt y0u kn0w, s0 let’s try everything and make 0ur life lagi sh0rt!!! Wahahahaha… ^_~v <<just f0r fun this>>

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