faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Hiding all my pr0blems~

Dear Daddy G0d, I l0ve y0u s0 much!
Y0u are my hiding place! Yes, indeed!
0nly y0u can take all my hassles and sadness away.

Best friend, y0u said y0u are my part-time angel??
I th0ught Daddy G0d send y0u t0 me,
guide me, cheer me up, advice me, etc
Why s0 suddenly y0ur path is s0 different than mine??
I can’t get it..
Tears, keep 0n flooding my eyes…

N0w, 0nly y0u L0rd, wh0 can c0ns0le me and st0p this tears?
0nly y0u can feel the l0neliness 0f this heart.
Y0u are being s0 nice t0 me.
"Y0u are n0t al0ne dear child!"
Lift y0ur name on high Daddy L0Rd! Praise y0u L0rd Jesus.

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