faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, October 11, 2010

life life life ^^

Keep on thinking of 0ther pr0blems make me f0rg0t ab0ut my 0wn pr0blem dis, h0nestly!!! As if I d0nt have pr0blem dis, but after settled everything they 0l pr0blems… whhh000aaa… y0ur pr0blems… 

brakk..buraakkk… krakkkakkka.. “books dr0p fr0m bookshelf as you are g0ing t0 take a bo0k fr0m it and n0w y0u are buried under the bo0ks.. aww~… its hurt! My head, and I d0nt d0nt kn0w what t0 d0 d.. hahaha… funny iz it? Lols~ geli my hati y0u kn0e… nevermind la, perhaps n0w I am in happy mo0d “seni0rs graduation” s0 all the pr0blems als0 seems happy t0 me even th0ugh there is a time when “s0mething” struck y0u =p whateva la dude.. wh0 cares… 

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