faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, October 25, 2010

Faith, H0pe & L0ve.. eerr~

I d0nt feel w0rry ab0ut my internship place… why??? Perhaps, I kn0w that G0d always has a better plan f0r me, where He wanna thr0w me?? Hahaha… I just surrender everything into His hands f0r He is my Beautiful Savi0ur. Yeay!!! Amen!

I am sad n0w, because here, I mean UMS, yea… I have many w0nderful friends, especially lifefire sweet friends. I am s0 sad, extremely sad like wanna die dis “like wanna 0nly, d0nt w0rry, I w0nt kill ma self c0z I l0ve myself” w0w.. I l0ve me! Yeay!!! Hahaha… all the w0nderful friends are still here next semester while me with 0thers “cute friends-ciela, aiwen, lv, emmae, alisa and supercute ambr0se” are leaving… I am g0nna miss y0u all f0r sure. Sad 0wh n0w… if can, I wanna stay here and d0 internship near UMS here la and apply r0om at kge. Hahaha.. s0unds ridicul0us~

My dearest sweet friends- lifefire 0f c0urse,à Sue, Nick, Shar0n, Dan, Pat, Brenda, Jasmine, Maureen, m0st 0f them kan already final year 0wh… I am s0 sad T_T next2 sem am n0t g0nna see them again… waaaaa…. Tambah T_T…. I d pr0mise maself that im g0nna drive t0 UMS s0metimes f0r lifefire gathering~ if ma parents all0w me t0 d0 s0… h0pefully. Amen. Ahahaha… G0d, all these w0rriness and sadness, I leave it unto Y0ur hands c0z y0u are my Decisi0n maker. Wh00aaa… hebat 0wh G0d… Thank y0u daddy G0d. I l0ve y0u. I’ll accept whatever plan that y0u will make f0r me because I Believe in Y0u ^_~v

I am g0nna miss all the sweet leaders and l0vely friends~ eeee~ why la this semester seems very special t0 me, early sem terribly bitter! Then, all the sweet and s0ur part were during this m0ment, alm0st end semester. Can I ask d0raem0n t0 st0p the time? Hahaha… I juz f0und my “ultraman gang” recently after I’ve been g0ne thru this life with hardship “y0u kn0w what” hahaha… the leader ultraman la I always share pr0blem, the p0wer and m0nsters t0 be defeated. Hahaha.. Meanwhile, I am s0 w0rry kerezey with my sweet ro0mate wh0 is really in l0ve with gathering, I am h0ping that she’ll be there f0r G0d. h0w I wish~ Yv0nne dear, I really h0pe that y0u find j0y, faith, h0pe, peace and l0ve in Him thru lifefire gathering. I pray hard f0r that, same as Beatrine dear ^_~. Y0u all are in my prayer “G0d’s nati0n”~

Nick sweet friend, w0w… thank y0u nick f0r y0ur sharing and all things that all of us have been shared during r0sary. It is really meaningful and really awes0me get t0 kn0w that 0wh.. yesss… itu la dat.. hahaha.. I am s0 happy 0wh, thru y0ur sharing, it really help, extremely helping, c0z I ever faced all that als0. Thanks f0r the “ultraman” hahaha.. h0nestly!! thru y0ur acti0ns “wanna help 0thers”, prayers and sharing really make my faith greater, make me feel that n0t 0nly feel that. It really help me t0 strengthen my Faith in Him. I am s0 happy when I talk t0 y0u, feel yeeaaa.. best! Nick dear sweet friend, I see FAITH in y0u!!! As if G0d gives me the faith He pr0mise me thru y0u. I am just s0 happy 0wh! Y0ur Faith t0ward G0d really str0ng 0wh! I want als0! Let’s strengthen 0ur Faith t0gether. Thank y0u s0 much ^^.

After I leave f0r LI then I d0nt have anyb0dy t0 strengthen my Faith.. sad 0wh me “G0d has a better plan, d0nt w0rry la Nick and y0u als0 Val- wahhaha… I talk t0 myself this”.

Beatrine dear, the m0ment I saw her smiled and laugh with me s0 happy was during waiting f0r Brenda graduati0n at café there. We talked a l0t, seri0usly a l0t, secret and everything~ she laughed and smiled really make me s0 s0 s0 s0 happy~ thank y0u Beatrine f0r letting me t0 enter y0ur life, t0 kn0w m0re b0ut y0u and always wanna cheer y0u up. I d0nt kn0w why G0d asked me t0 ch0ose y0u ^_~ because G0d wanna y0u kn0w that y0u are special. Really! I am telling y0u dis “sedih 0wh me”. Beatrine dear, I see H0PE in y0u!!! y0ur life tellin me that G0d always H0PE the best fr0m us. He send y0u t0 sh0w H0PE in y0u and me als0! Praise the L0rd!!! 

Debz dear, I am s0 happy t0 kn0w y0u this, especially 0ur first enc0untered during Manukan Island, I can feel the cheer in y0u dis. Even the time that we spent t0gether was sh0rt but it really meaningful y0u kn0w, y0ur smile and the way y0u sh0w y0ur l0ve t0 0thers really make me superduper happy. Debz dear, I see L0VE in y0u!! thru y0ur acti0ns, w0rds t0 0thers and l0ve la during LSS especially in serving fo0d f0r 0thers. It really make me happy and I can see the l0ve la all the time, y0u are s0 happy g0 lucky als0! I see L0VE in y0u!!!! S0 go0d t0 kn0w that G0d really t0uched y0u! Praise the L0rd! y0u always smile and we always laugh very happy2, “as if we satu head dis” hahaha… I can feel G0d’s l0ve in y0u as He pr0mise me that He’ll sh0w His l0ve t0 me.
w0w… I just n0ticed that 3 0f y0u really meaningful in my life. H0w I wish that I n0tice that early!!! G0d s0 hebat 0wh!!! He really give me FAITH, H0PE & L0VE as it is s0 real this. I still remembered that I asked f0r Faith and L0ve during LIFEFIRE CAMP, he gave H0pe lagi f0r free. Then, n0w thru His ch0sen pe0ple, He sh0ws t0 me what He had pr0mise t0 me the FAITH, H0PE & L0VE. This is what I feel, n0w I feel s0 str0ng dis, with this three sweet friends, they really cheer my life. W0w… H0w d0 y0u feel if y0u are in my place? I am just s0 t0uched by His Greatest L0ve, infinity L0ve. S0000oooo…. T0000uuuuucccchchhhhhhhhh……. <cry2 kunun, lols..>

And n0w these three remain: FAITH, H0PE and L0VE.” 1 C0rinthians 13:13 But, the greatest of these is “G0d’s L0VE”. 

 Amen. G0d’s l0ve is s0 tangible this!!! I l0ve l0ve l0ve 0wh!!!!

1 thing f0r sure that I’ll d0 is lifenite will be my destinati0n during internship!!! N0 matter what happen, I’ll g0 there t0 w0rship G0d, mum and dad, s0rry k, please understand my desire t0 w0rship can??? Please please please ^_~ (sh0wing s0me l0ve 0r perhaps eerrr~ “tears”) hahaha… kerezey 0wh me.. Crazy f0r G0d! Amen!

Dear all my l0vely friends,
I am g0nna miss y0u all~ really really miss y0u all f0r sure, n0w als0 I can feel d~ duh, em0 dis~ I l0ve y0u all!!! Sincere fr0m my Heart (l0ve shape). Thank y0u f0r always be near with me, even smile als0 en0ugh that!! Mwwaaxxx… Daddy G0d, thank y0u f0r the w0nderful children!!!! I L0VE Y0u L0rd Jesus.

<<My guardian angel tepuk2 my sh0ulder d, times up, it’s time t0 shui jia0 d~ t0mm0r0w need t0 wake up early f0r c0nfessi0n.>>

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