faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~R0sary prayer bef0re GATHERING~

6 0ct
dear daddy L0rd G0d,
there is n0ne like y0u, y0u are the REASON i LIVE!!!
w0w... r0sary prayer bef0re gathering, everything was d0ne acc0rding t0 y0ur will, y0u asked us t0 pray r0sary!! as m0ther Mary als0 asks us t0 pray r0sary, always ^^
with0ut 0thers help i d0nt think that i can deliver the message that y0u wanna tell all of us dis. ^_~
y0u are s0 great daddy G0d. 
Special thank 2 Nick!! we have same p0wer kan! ultramen p0wer "terpaksa me mengaku dis"
thank y0u f0r c0ming very early and lead the r0sary prayer! y0u are the best! y0ur prayer bez 0wh!! jasmine prayer als0, debz als0.. me???? i juz pray whatever i feel during that time or if i have the str0ng feeling ab0ut that situati0n/ wateva it is then i'll pray la~ hehehehe... thats why last nite, i was kinda nerv0us saying a petiti0n prayer f0r r0sary, unexpected that i was asked t0, takkan i wanna say n0 right. 0k daddy G0d, i will ^_~v

hehehe... gathering!!! as usual!!! awes0me!! super HEBAT!!! 

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