faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just want Y0u Jesus My L0ve~

Rain is a blessing fr0m Daddy G0d~ can y0u see that!!! H0w beautiful the rain drops “fr0m what I can see fr0m my ro0m’s wind0w last night” ~_^v although once you get wet, y0u might get sick, the probability is higher I tell ya. N0t 0nly that, the advantage of rain is, cold isn’t it? Make y0u feel sleepy \(_0_)/ <<yawn>> I was s0 sleepy that evening! I tell ya, I was s0 terribly sleepy and I was planning wanna escape gathering~ wh00aaaa…. Y0u are s0 tuttt… tuuuttttt…. <<< all gud w0rds that th0ugh d0nt wanna tell what these w0rds I used t0 blame maself because we sh0uld l0ve 0urself first bef0re we can l0ve G0d and G0d’s pe0ple. Am I right?? Eeee… talk ab0ut l0ve this, Dear Daddy G0d- I l0ve y0u s0 much, I l0ve myself, I l0ve my family, I l0ve my neighb0urs, I l0ve G0d’s nati0n and I l0ve y0u all. Peace be with y0u all! L0VE IS KIND!! Hehe… >,<

Keep int0 the track….

The rain dr0ps l0ok beautiful, view fr0m the wind0w. H0wever, when y0u need t0 walk in the rain, 0_olll   I tell ya dude! Really c0ld and feel s0 unsecure with path that is full 0f h20.. just imagine if g0t leech there!!! 0mig0sh!!! help… eeeuuuwww… 0k I’m en0ugh with that part. The rain really distracted me and my ro0mate “wh0 was really full of determination wanna g0 gathering. Praise the L0rd f0r that!” While walking in the rain with pink umbrella, I was daydreaming. I d0nt kn0w why, unexpectedly I have the imaginati0n… with wh0m I am g0ing t0 walk after I DIED??  Jesus? Will he acc0mpany me t0 walk f0r the 2nd time? Will I be able t0 see Him after I DIED? Will I?? W0w… suddenly s0unds s0 creepy~ actually, that night was really dark and raining s0me m0re, I have just l0st fr0m the reality 0f the w0rld f0r a while, few minutes perhaps. F0r that m0ment I believe that Jesus Christ 0ur L0rd will be always there f0r me, every0ne 0f us. It is because we are still breathing, and He is guiding us t0ward his kingd0m, d0 y0u kn0w that? He is the light of the w0rld and even the path is dark, as l0ng as we believe in him and follow him, he will light 0ut path. All these w0rds have just p0p 0ut fr0m my mind s0 suddenly. Jesus is G0od!

Misjudge?? Emman shared his experienced =)

Here s0me questi0ns t0 p0nder 0ver >> have pe0ple ever misjudged y0u be4?
Have u ever misjudged pe0le be4? H0w t0 curb/ switch la 0n h0w u misjudge pe0pe?
C0nclusi0n fr0m my CG: d0nt mix ar0und with fren wh0 always judge pe0ple s0 u w0nt misjudge 0thers. Wahahaha… funny~

Ambr0se with his cute bird face said: “I d0nt misjudge her, she is bad by d0ing bla bla bla and I said she bad s0 I d0nt misjudge her la. That’s the fact”.. ahahaha… u are funny dude!!

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