faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

M0nth 0f r0sary~

1 0ct 2010. W0w… during that night while I was studying, all of sudden, I had the desired t0 pray r0sary, I saw my r0sary bracelet that was given by my friend “Azie” s0 beautiful 0wh.. shinning 0wh… I was s0 aghast and it really made my desired t0 recite the r0sary bec0me str0nger. Th0ugh, I really f0rg0t Friday is which mystery d!! crazy!!! I texted ester and he said Friday is s0rr0wful mystery, I felt s0 ashamed 0f myself~ during I recited the r0sary, I c0uld feel wings were 0n the t0p of my head, as if it c0vered my head! H0w t0 describe yeah?? Kinda hard la~ eerr… ok2.. d0 y0u believe that every0ne 0f us has their 0wn Guardian Angel? I just knew ab0ut it early this year, bef0re this, I ever felt the existence of “s0mething”, “s0mething” which I didn’t pun actually was pr0tecting me and always be with me, I th0ught that was only my sensitivity~ n0b0dy kn0ws.  After recited the r0sary, I felt s0 happy and peace. >,< thanks M0ther Mary!! I l0ve y0u M0ther Mary.

Have y0u ever felt light was on the t0p of y0ur head while y0u were

praying with cl0sing y0ur eyes? S0metimes I feel that. Hmmm…??? 

D0es it means h0ly spirit?? Daddy G0d?? M0ther Mary?? 0r that is 

0nly y0ur eye g0t pr0blem during that time? Whateva la~ 


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