faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


5th 0ct

i managed t0 reserve the p0nd0k near cafe! hahaha.. it was because me with shameless went t0ward the guy wh0m i th0ught a girl at the first place, f0rg0t t0 bring specks during that time. =p
thanks G0d, he is Cath0lic as well! name r0ns0n fr0m csg ^^.. " l0ng time d didnt g0 there" ish3...
r0ns0n didnt j0in us, next time h0ping that he'll j0in la.
waaa.... 5 pe0ple "nick, ambrose, debz, aiwen, n me"!! praise the l0rd, the number was increasing c0mpared yesterday. yeay!!!best!!!
then we did s0me sharing~ G0d is great 0wh.. when few pe0ple gathered, then he'll be there f0r sure.

  1. Then, i g0t t0 kn0w s0mething thru the sharing, ehhh... many things~ to0 many miracles, dreams, visions, problems, burdens, confusion, frustrati0n, sadness, dissatisfy, doubtfulness, depression, anger, etc.. 
  2. Sharing is sharing, caring is l0ving and l0ving is everything~ praise the L0rd!!!
  3. Special thanks t0 nick yang full of determine wanna d0 r0sary prayer everyday!!! yeay!!! best la!! thanks nick! 
  4. Praise the L0rd!!! i am n0t al0ne!!! fuhhh.... G0d, y0u are s0 w0nderful!! i l0ve y0u!! y0u bless me with many w0nderful friends!
  5. I can felt the presence of daddy g0d and 0ur guardian angels with their wings on t0p of 0ur heads!! 
  6. N0t 0nly me!! I am n0rmal!! ^^ i will say yes t0 daddy G0d, n0 matter what happen. LEGA!!!
hehe... i th0ught i am g0nna be happy after i knew that n0t 0nly me...
there few 0f 'em are als0 like me!! yeay!! i scream!!
i was lo0king f0r these kind pe0ple als0 be4 and try t0 appr0ach them
th0ugh, why i have the heavy feeling which s0meh0w saying that, get ready f0r it,
s0mething is waiting f0r u~ eeerrr... i am afraid, daddy G0d...
i get c0nfuse with everything la~ that night was really hard f0r me, PAIN.. dunn0 why... 
i should feel happy, h0wever... am i shocked? 0r perhaps i think to0 much.. Shared t00 much?

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. Matthew 18:20

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