faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This j0kes s0meh0w sho0t me als0->>>

1 day Li0n summ0ned all d 0ther animals in d jungLe. “ each of u must tell a j0ke,” he said.
“but if any1 fails 2 laugh, I’ll kill d pers0n wh0 t0ld it. M0nkey u g0 1st
M0nkey began, “2 men g0 int0 a bar…” when he delivered d punchline, eveRy1 r0ared with laughter, except T0rtoise. S0 Li0n p0unch on m0nkey & killed him. x_x
Next up was Elephant. He t0ld his j0ke & again, every1 laugh except T0rtoise. S0 li0n pounched on Elephant and killed him. x_x
The animals were furi0us with Turt0ise, n0 1 dared t0 m0ve.
Tiger began his j0ke but when he was ab0ut 1sentence in, T0rt0ise suddenly rolled 0ver & began kicking his feet in the air, giggling his head off.
“what’s wr0ng with y0u?” r0ared an irate Li0n. “Tiger isn’t even finished with his gag yet!”
“I’m s0rry,” said T0rt0ise, gasping btwn laughs, “but m0nkey’s j0ke was simply to0 funny!”

I used t0 be like that!!!! & n0w als0! S0metimes, when pe0ple make j0kes, hard f0r me t0 catch. @_@

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