faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12 steps in HACCP development

Step 1: Assemble an HACCP team
Step 2: Describe the food product and its distribution
Step 3: Identify the intended use of the consumers
Step 4: Construct a flow diagram describing the product manufacturing process
Step 5: Conduct on-site verification of the flow diagram
Step 6: Conduct hazard analysis
Step 7: Determine critical control points
Step 8: Establish critical limits
Step 9: Establishing CCP monitoring procedures
Step 10: Establish correction actions
Step 11: Establish verification of procedures for each CCP and the entire HACCP plan
Step 12: Establish record keeping and documentation

Full of determinati0n me dis, especially when I was typing this HACCP steps, keep on recalled back ma mem0ry but certainly n0t 100%~ but I can assure this is the best way of mem0rizing, “step 12 which is rec0rd keeping and d0cumentati0n in ma bl0g”. wahahha… =D diligent 0wh me =D

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