faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 mass

Yesterday mass, 10 oct 2010
I dr0ve ma sista“s” and their b0yfriends t0 church and all I can feel was the warmest of happy family dis~ b0th 0f them with their sweet 0ne even th0ugh my 0ther sista’s b0yfriend is n0t Cath0lic but he willingly t0 g0 with her. Sweet~

I always imagine that if my wh0le family c0nvert Catholic, I’ll be the happiest pers0n in da w0rld! Frankly t0 say, yes it is true!!! I always want it t0 be like that. But I seld0m pray f0r that as I was too busy with 0ther hassles -_-‘’’ huhuhu..  life always like that la~ I kn0w y0u d0nt get it. Wh0 cares~ hahaha… cruel 0wh me.. nevermind la, this feeling is bel0ng t0 Daddy G0d ^_^

Then, incident that was really sh0cked and t0uch my heart f0r the wh0le day was when a little cute girl,ar0und 5 or 6 year old played with my nails. She is s0 ad0rable dat, with m0le like mine dis “[fulamak perasan minah s0rang nie]” hahaha… yea, cute girl. She played my nails then I played with her als0 while singing “best all the s0ng!!”, I mean garu2 her leg, elb0w, palms la and used my nails t0 make her hands itchy dis.. she seemed fun and s0 d0 I! l0ls~ then 2 of ma sista teased me and played with her b0yfriend’s fingers! Lols~ y0u are s0 funny!!! Hahahaha… then, bef0re went c0mmuni0n she h0ld my hand and her m0m’s hand and 0verlap it “h0w t0 say yea?” as if she wanna me h0ld he m0m’s hand and sayang that hand as I sayang her hand bef0re dat. I was extremely super duper surprise, huh?? I made that cute girl satisfied by d0 as she want. W0aaa… after that, I need t0 let her g0 during c0mmuni0n, as I went back t0 my seat, the three of them didn’t g0 f0r c0mmuni0n. hmm???

I c0ntinued playing with the little cute girl after finished my prayer. when we all asked t0 stand, she h0ld my hand and her m0m’s hand!!!! As if I am s0me0ne wh0 are very dear t0 her and she really feel c0mf0rt t0 h0ld my hand, s0 d0 I. 0f c0z la, have y0u ever had this chance t0 h0ld by little kid?? I am terribly sh0cked!!! H0nestly, meanwhile, I feel extremely happy ^_~ I d0nt kn0w why~ feel s0 cl0se with her, make me happy, her smile really sweet^^ really make me super duper happy. Finally, time f0r us really sh0rt!! She needed t0 g0 back d, after I made a sign of cr0ss, I to0k her hand and taught her t0 d0 s0, her m0m help f0r the “amen” part. As if my child dis, hahaha.. I was the 0ne wh0 busy t0 help her d0 sign of cr0ss. Time t0 g0~ s0bs.. s0bs… I asked her name, then she t0ld me, I am s0 sh0cked again! I cant get her name as it is t0o l0ng “kristen …..” I speak English t0 her of c0z but I speak bm t0 her m0m.. lols~ apakah… why yea?? She likes me ?? hehhe…

As I dr0ve back al0ne, “s0mething” really struck ma heart.. I d0nt kn0w.. I really wanna cry, “kurezey!! Y0u are driving dude!! Watch 0ut the r0ad >=( if y0u cry then y0u w0nt be able t0 see the r0ad clearly, hitz fm als0, sad s0ng plak dat time” I d0nt kn0w… why I felt s0 sad?? That girl?? Her family?? What is it?? I was s0 clueless f0r the wh0le day…

My reflecti0n thru that incident: I d0nt kn0w.. perhaps, that little girl has the same feeling as me, perhaps she really want a true catholic family? Family pr0blem? 0r perhaps she wanna me t0 pray f0r her family? Ok kristen dear, n0 pr0blem. ^_~v val cheche always help u =)

At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mathew 18:1-3

“y0ur faith has saved y0u”- the g0spel that really t0uch me during that mass

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