faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Friday, September 3, 2010

merdeka eve *wink wink*

awes0me merdeka eve...!!!! birthday eve la kan... akakakaka....

went t0 upperstar "eat 0ur dinner there" -> Suria Sabah "STep uP 3 3D" 0mg!!! bezzz 5 stars!, while waiting then went play d car race "my fav0urite!! n0 motorbike race =(! i like d m0st! m0t0rbike though  =p" -> juz dr0ve t0 lid0, penampang bla bla bla... juz dr0ve mer0nda kk city yg s0 b0ring... duh! hahaha... ->McD time ar0und 3 in d m0rning!! hahaha... meet azzah's uncle there... ya amp0n!!! banyak crita, i wanna study la tat time, midterm was d next day! haiz... study at d eleventh h0ur surely gt pr0blem la, distract la etc...


lazly!!! s0 damn wanna watch sun rise!!! plan wanna g0 astana up there to c kk view n sun rise "kunun" tau tau... 0nly 4 sunset la tat place -_-''' kweng3... luckily azzah's uncle t0ld us. -> craziest part was when 3 of us went putrajaya, then ip "t0p there" waiting3.. wr0ng place 0wh... then dan dr0ve 2 cansel0ri ->AB ->finally sp0rt c0mplex.... huhhhh.... wh0le day didnt sleep >,<v.. m0rning wanna meet my familia lagi 0wh... hahahahahaha... crazy sweet 21... i memang gt d key of freed0m.. didnt g0 bek ums for the whole nite. my mum juz said "ha??" then i t0ld her "rilex la mum" hhaahaha... "beg0 punya anak, wasted $ jak"  

                                                                          ip view

canselori view
sp0rt c0mplex view

31st August 2010- My best day~

best day ever!!!! thanks mum n all my siblings!!! u ol the bez.. l0ve y0u all.. muaxxxx...

(ma familia)

my l0vely mum n 2 lil br0 "taller, slimmer, funnier than me of c0z"

my br0 0wez like this...~~


let me cut d cake (>,<)v

make a wish? or wishes?? actually, pretending cl0se my eyes 0nly, i was c0mpletely no idea

~play time~

 By integrating a Bible verse(s) (Ephesians 6:1–3) with prayer, children can be encouraged to ask God to help them obey their parents. Parents show their obedience to God by respecting and honoring each other (1 Peter 3:7). Children experience security as they witness their parents praying for God’s help as well. 

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