faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear daddy G0d, thank y0u f0r the lifefire camp at Bundu Tuhan.

later i'm g0nna p0st my experience here. t0o much t0 say 0wh,
special thanks t0 0ur speaker - mr derek Ch0ng and Bee ^_~v l0ve 'em!!!
i d0nt have time t0 type directly 0wh, later la i type first then p0st it here.
t0o much fun and experience with G0d during the camp. he is G0od! all the time!

i l0ve y0u daddy G0D. we all l0ve y0u. "all 0f us, y0ur nati0n"
i remembered that i asked f0r FAITH and seems like y0u t0uch my heart, thus it make my FAITH greater.
y0u als0 asked f0r me t0 have FAITH in y0u. my answer is yes daddy L0rd g0D! ^_~V

            Y0U ARE THE REAS0N I LIVE. 

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