faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

aDa Ku KEsah…

0nce up0n a time.. ahh… l0yar buruk jwua… hehe… (^_^)v
Perhatian kepada sesepa yg Nampak dis pic kan, if u ol wanna rep0rt t0 my parents ka, aunty ka,c0usins ka, frens ka {die la me} or sepa2 la kan, rep0rt ja la, Aku Sik Kesah.. hahaha.. “beg0k dis” d0nt la k.. I’m budak baik dis… betul… ya amp0n… betul la.. see “SS” d me =p hahaha..
0k, 0k.. “dunn0 when was the date” Went 0ut and having fun with 2 her0es wh0 have saved me during my last vacati0n. Hahaha…  I br0ught 2 frens as well. 0verall 5 0f us… went lintas t0 g0 eat “let’s celebrate!” then went Tanjung Aru “jalan-jalan” see the night view. 

frens’s idea n bersungguh2  by tw0 0f ‘em “k0n0n2 lar”.. me n d 0thers just f0ll0w their idea  la, f0r sure fun that. “yes, indeed fun”. Ahahaha… then, play “truth and lie” s0me m0re used the b0ttle, tat b0ttle, expensive b0ttle tat u kn0e, yea that b0ttle la… kakaka… funny 0wh that time.. keep on laughing (^_~)v… 
then, ran t0 the beach there, 3  of us managed to make many wishes n made a cr0ss by using the candles left.. bez 0wh… hey!!! Wait!! Where the 2 of em’ have g0ne??? whateva la, m0st imp0rtante, let’s play the candles! “I wish.. I wish… I wish… etc” Hahaha… childish~ happy! Happy! Happy! Wish t0 g0 0ut with 8 of ‘em again (including their guardian angels! Hahaha… kidding.. I can’t see pun, l0yar sikit)^^ surely laugh laugh and laugh…

Bible verse?? *thinkingx3* I guess d0nt have la~
g0t g0t g0t!!! 

We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer, we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. ~ Pro 16 : 1 & 9


  1. hohoho....but y ol pics r blurred ar val? coz I wanna know who's in d pics... XD

  2. hahaha... yalah, i juz take d blur picture 0wh... dunn0 la wh0 ah.... hehehe