faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me, myself n I – admire, like and l0ve

Wh00aaa… me admire….., myself  like….., I l0ve…., huh… *sigh* what the WR0NG C0MBINATI0N  hehehe. ^_~ it s0unds like, as if I wanna say what the “heaven” isn’t it? Haahhaa… im go0d girl bah… minta puji this!  seld0m use harsh or rude w0rds.. try n0t t0 use it because I sh0uld sh0w a go0d manner 2 my siblings, ahahak! if n0t, they all will rebel with tat w0rds, that f0r sure.. G0d never use such w0rd as well rite? Hehe… I admire G0D, I like G0d, I l0ve G0d (~_^)v c0z because of Him, I have all these feeling which I can admire, like and l0ve pe0ple ar0und me, Daddy G0d. y0u are great! Y0u are my superher0! My l0ve! Hehehe… bef0re I f0und y0u, I d0nt kn0w what exactly l0ve is… I’ve never knew that I actually can l0ve y0u m0re than anyb0dy. W0w.. y0ur l0ve Daddy G0d superpawa.. hahaha.. Jesus, y0u are my id0l *whisper t0 ur ear* hehhee.. y0u are my b0yfriend. .

Admire = I admire a guy la. Wh0ever he is, I can tell that he is quite unlucky c0z n0rmally I’ll pray with pri0rity f0r G0d, my family and G0d’s nati0n wh0 are unf0rtune m0re than I pray f0r him,,, waa… whateva la… admire only, d0esnt mean anything right? M0st imp0rtant, the pers0n that I admire will always happy, bless n l0ve by G0d n many m0re. im crazy 0wh.. talk b0ut guy I admire. Buang b0ring nie~ next time if I read this for sure laugh la dis.
L0ng l0ng time ag0, I t0ld myself  t0 admire a guy wh0 likes t0 see stars,
kn0w h0w to ride m0t0rbike “GP”,
kn0w h0w t0 play guitar “r0mantic+sweet”,
g0 church every week “pri0rity”, ear piercing “lo0k mach0”,
kn0w h0w t0 sing a bit als0 can “t0 w0rship G0d”,
Cath0lic guy “indeed”,
go0d hearted n l0yal “yes”,
l0ve kids “kids are ad0rable”,
happy g0 lucky n friendly “c0z last time I used t0 be a shy-shy pig girl and I need s0me0ne wh0 can m0tivate me t0 talk”,
 g0t dimple “s0 cute”,
respect elderly “yea” and taller than me.
Wh00aaa… crazy rite!!! I ever like tagal0g artist! Diether 0camp0 “dunn0 d spelling” his character t0tally perfect.. hahhaha… ahh… drama~
N0w~ 4 me, all he characteristics that I’ve menti0n ab0ve s0und kinda ridicul0us, ^^ stars? 0nly Girls like stars. Few guys la. M0t0rbike GP? U aim f0r rich guy ah? Materialistic betul la.. guitar? U think all pe0ple have the talent t0 play? Haiya… Ear piercing? Hurt 0wh~ I have fren gt ear piercing n my fes impressi0n t0ward him memang bad guy, cancel piercing! Hahaha,… Dimple?? Cute arh?? Yeaa… h0wever the guy I admire d0nt have la~ wa,.. hehehe.. dimple is an extra “sweetness” 0nly when they smile =)
p/s: the rest that I didn’t menti0n still will be my 0pti0n. perhaps..

like=  I like bangle, bracelet, necklace, earing, ch0c0late. “materialistic”! cant  stand t0 see all the jewelleries.. 0mg! 0k2.. enuf! I like G0d’s character! Bibble “l0ve st0ry of G0d”! gathering! T0 see G0d’s pe0pe! N many m0re..

LOVE is PATIENT and KIND. LOVE is not jealous and boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices wherever the truth wins out. LOVE NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER LOSES FAITH, is always HOPEFUL, and ENDURES through every circumstances. ~ 1 Cor 13: 4 – 7

l0ve= I L0ve u G0d, Family, Neighb9ur n friends and enemy “d0 I have 1 or 2?” dunn0? Perhaps yes and n0? Laz m0nth, g0t 1 0f my bad tempered cl0se fren wh0 had threatened t0 kill me due t0 a small matter!! It wasn’t my fault th0ugh. Arrgghh… ok ok.. I just assume it was my fault, n I ask f0r his f0rgiveness n he said ok!?? He memang stress la tat time I guess! Huh.. *sigh* luckily he d0nt anggap me as his f0e.. pe0ple said S0RRY SEEMS T0 BE THE HARDEST W0RD? I d0nt think s0. Juz type or say as many S0RRY that y0u want but must with a sincere heart, then surely ok la, d0nt let y0ur eg0 c0nquer y0ur feeling then sh0uld be 0k d =) f0rgive and f0rget~! Wh00aaa… im free fr0m absurd threatened! Yeay!! Pr0blem settle!! Thank y0u L0rd Jesus!!! Y0ur advices thru all my frens really effective! With0ut y0ur advice I might be in tr0uble! I l0ve y0u Daddy G0d! H0w great is y0ur l0ve! T0 all G0D’s pe0pe!!! I l0ve y0u!! ^_~v

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