faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


                Im still in dilemma dear daddy G0d, there are many questi0ns t0 p0nder. I d0 s0metimes think bad t0ward 0ther pe0ple, it is n0rmal? Please say yes…please… “crazy begging” This questi0n suddenly p0p 0ut in my mind when I read s0me0ne’s fb status ab0ut “I AM WH0 I AM”………..  f0rg0t already, it is in new testament if I’m n0t mistaken - I like this verse. I used t0 think like that, pe0ple need t0 accept that I am wh0 I am. >.< Though, after I read it many times, it seems like G0d wanna tell us that He is the 0ne, He is the King of w0rld and his thru p0wer, here we are (^_^)v.

If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well. If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly. ~ Romans 12 :7 – 8

                Daddy God, n0 0ne is perfect like you. Every0ne of us is your image, though 0ur acti0n t0tally different fr0m y0u. N0 0ne is perfect as y0u. Human being always make mistake, always! Me indeed, the w0rst example. I just can pr0mise t0 y0u that I’ll try t0 be as go0d as you dear Daddy G0d. 0ne questi0n that I wanna ask y0u which s0metimes really make me sad. Damn sad.

Dear daddy G0d, if I d0nt have car, will y0u still bless me with great friends ar0und me, which I really wish after waiting such a very l0ng long long long l0ng l0ng time? Very l0ng, since sixteen-century. Will y0u? Will you? Will you? I always ask this questi0n because bef0re this I used t0 feel neglected by my s0-called friends <s0-called friends??? Eerrr… bad 0wh me, s0rry Daddy G0d> “all the time”. Pity 0wh….. ha    ha   …  I admitted that I wasn’t friendly like 0thers; I was a stupid little shy pity girl. Really! I was a timid girl, daddy G0d, y0u kn0w that isn’t it; it was really 0bvi0us when n0b0dy remembered my name. ha ha ha … It was really hurt, my fault, I knew that, h0wever I just ign0re it, well, it was my pass experience which is Part and parcel of my life. “WELC0ME” >,<v. Have you ever been neglected bef0re? Questi0n t0 p0nder? Hahahaha… for me, the answer is N0… hehehe… because f0r me, Daddy G0d always be there f0r me albeit pe0ple d0nt even kn0w my name, as l0ng as G0d kn0w, it is en0ugh already. I w0nt ask m0re, the m0re I ask, the m0re that I h0pe I will get, d0nt wanna be greedy. I am n0w satisfied with my life. I have many many many many friends wh0 really care ab0ut me “since I j0in LIFE FIRE >,<v”! Thr0ugh 1 friend, I get t0 kn0w m0re. w0w… praise the L0rd! praise His name in the highest! Yeay!!! I l0ve y0u G0d!! I still remembered that I just prayed that y0u can bless me at least with 0ne or tw0 true friends which I can g0 gathering, church and 0uting t0gether. N0w… c0untless.. “I mean, m0re that I asked ^^” Daddy G0d, y0u are awes0me. Muahhhxxxx…

“Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the do0r will be 0pened t0 th0se wh0 kn0ck.” Mathew 7:7

5th Sept “Sunday” bible verse that really t0uch my heart!

“wh0ever d0esn’t bear his 0wn cross and c0me after me, can’t be my disciple” luke 14: 27  à Questi0n t0 p0nder: can i? I really keep my finger cr0ss

I wanna ask first, what is the “way of the cross” for y0u and me? When my will crosses with God’s will, then his will must be d0ne. the way of the cr0ss inv0lves sacrifice, the sacrifice of laying d0wn my life each and every day for Jesus’ sake. What makes such sacrifice possible and “sweet” for us is l0ve of G0d p0ured out f0r us in the blo0d of Jesus Christ.

“G0d’s l0ve has been p0ured int0 0ur heart thru the H0ly Spirit”(R0man 5:5)

We can never outgive G0d. he always gives us m0re than we can expect or imagine. D0 y0u all0w h0ly Spirit t0 fill y0ur heart with the l0ve of G0d? All I can describe it thru my fav0urite s0ng = tear d0wn my walls “H.U” + y0u h0ld me n0w “H.U” + deeper “P.S” + believe “P.S” + I just want y0u “P.S”
Dear Daddy G0d, may y0ur l0ve transf0rm me that I may truly desired n0thing m0re than life with y0u. may y0u always be first in my thoughts and intenti0ns, ad in my w0rds and acti0ns.

Cant wait f0r Life Fire camp!!! Really sad cant g0 PBK due t0 many pe0ple are g0in’ and im scared 0f cr0wded =’( besides, surely I’ll be l0ne ranger there. Ahahaha… or perhaps “SS” c0z … 

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