faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bad dreamz!!!

2nd day 0f raya, I still remembered that early m0rning bef0re g0 c0nv0y raya, I dreamt that I’ve already get married with a m***** guy which I kn0w~ wala0 eh!!!!!! 0ut of sudden he t0ld me that b0th of us already get married and I was puzzled. Thinkingx3! I kept recalled my mem0ry when actually I get married! 0wh, please daddy G0d, what was g0ing 0n?? I was sweating t0 death!!! Meanwhile, I kept on thinking that I need t0 div0rce him ASAP n0 matter what will happen!!!!!! Hell!!!! What sh0uld I d0! Why I d0nt even kn0w when actually I get married!! H0w am I g0ing t0 tell daddy G0d!!! Im pr0ud t0 be a Cath0lic!! I l0ve Jesus Christ, gathering, praise and w0rship, br0thers n sisters in Christ, mass and everything!!! I cried!!! I really d0nt want!!!!! Aaarrrgggghhhh……………..

I w0ke up! Duh, it was juz a dream! Stupid dupid dream I have ever experienced. Daddy G0d, I d0nt wanna leaving y0u, I wanna keep on l0ving y0u and serve y0u pe0ple. Please give me the strength t0 depend on y0u and hold y0u till my last breath. 

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