faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks daddy God ~>,<~

T0day can say is my tiring day yet fun! F0r the half day going out to Tanjung Aru beach PICNIC!!! With m0m’s side family!! Something unexpected!! One of my prayers came true just now!!! Hopefully!! Praise the Lord!! I can see LOVE!! ? ~(^0^)~ wh0aaa.. I’ll keep on praying~ My dad als0 came with all siblings! Unbelievable!! Normally dad will ask one of my bro to keep on eye the house but today totally special (-0-) 5 Nov!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR SWEET & CHARMING DADDY!! 6 Nov!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR CHARMING & LOVELY MUMMY!!! I L0VE BOTH OF YOU!!! I’LL KEEP MY PRAYER FOR BOTH MY SWEET PARENTS!!! & siblings to0.. & relatives to0.. ~(>,<)y~ [MODE : HAPPY]

Thank you daddy God, for the wonderful big family that you willingly borrow me in Your great world. You are the ruler Jesus! I do really feel grateful for everything that I have right now; I won’t ask more than this or something that is beyond human being expectation. Hehe.. I give thanks and praise to You daddy God, You are my HOPE! My FAITH! & my LOVE! Infinite thank you!! You are the reason I LIVE ^0^y

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