faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, November 15, 2010

ChRisTmas Mo0D!!! PreSenTs!!! I wanT!!! \o(~0^)o/

Can you imagine yourself on Christmas’ eve or Christmas morning leaving your presents unopened? “Ridiculous! I mean if I did that, but I w0nt I guess c0z my curiosity is high. hahaha…” Yet, millions of people are doing something like that by ignoring or rejecting Jesus Christ as their saviour. Actually, everyone has a gift with a tag: [TO: Val, Van, Faye, Ivy, Pres, Nick, Jeff, Ron etc… FROM: God.] But it can be opened only by REPENTANCE and FAITHHell0!!! Did you notice it? S0me might say yes, s0me make dunn0 and s0me say n0. 0k, never mind, scroll d0wn please. =)

At Christmas time, we celebrate God’s gift of His Son, Jesus Christ to the world. But on the day of Pentercost, He and His Son together gave to believers another gift – the Holy Spirit.

“I will pray the Father and He will give y0u an0ther Helper that He may abide with you forever.” – J0hn 14:16 “H0ly Spirit I kn0w” ~_^v

Another situation, imagine yourself wh0 opens just 0ne present but leaves the rest tightly wrapped. “Hey you! Can 0pen all? Please -[with a r0mantic t0ne] Or y0u need my favour -[with a nasty smile]?” Today the Holy Spirit indwell every believer, yet we “me of c0z dis, 100%” often fail to make full use of all the “gifts”+ everything He has given to us right? If we ask Him “Daddy G0d”, the Holy Spirit will lead us into better understanding of what God wanna say “God’s word”, which give us the assurance of God’s l0ve and keeping p0wer, and then transform us into Christ’s likeness. Amen.

This c0ming Christmas, let’s all of us consider the importance of Holy Spirit’s c0ming and ask Daddy God to help us experience all His benefits more fully. T0day, I ter“remember” what had Jude shared with us about the unopened presents~ I h0pe I can deliver the main p0int that I wanna tell. “DON’T LEAVE ANY OF GOD’S GIFTS UNOPENED PLEASE ~_^??” Let us pray: Dear Daddy God,
Let the fullness of Your Spirit fall upon us here, this moment, this hour, this minute, and this second; it is our desire how we need a new anointing of the power of Holy Spirit. Amen.

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