faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, November 15, 2010


l0ve 'em all!! "with a big smile =)"

Let’s step up!!! I mean, me, myself. Hahaha… last time I felt s0 HELPLESS, now I feel EMP0WERED with the guide of Holy Spirit. Amen.

“Whenever I am afraid, 0 Lord Almighty, I put my trust in You.” –Psalm 56;3

As I opened the bo0k, I saw this verse!! It really captured my heart, my soul and my mind~ wahaha… I put my trust in Y0u 0 Lord! Amen! Wh00ooaaa….. best best best~ I’ll try my best n0t t0 scared 0f G****. Hahahaa… because “Whenever I am afraid, 0 Lord Almighty, I put my trust in You.” Weee~ I am s0 happy!!! *m0ment 0f happiness- TER “switch 0n” happy m0de* “Is it 0nly f0r this m0ment? I h0pe n0t, f0rever will be. Yeaaayyy!!!! H0pefully!! My h0pe is in Y0u Daddy G0d. I’m g0nna mem0rise this verse s0 n0thing I can afraid of ^_~v death? I put my trust in G0d! I surrender everything to Him. Amen.” G0t 0ne incident where I alm0st kill my dearest friends, I felt bad, s0rry t0 all my dearest friends. 0wh n0!!! N0w!!! “exam fever- I feel n0thin’ duh… b0ring…”

p/sssss: 0ther pe0ple must think that I’m kerezey rite… ishhh…. Wateva la… I express my l0ve t0 this wall!!! Daddy God, I L0ve y0u -(~_^)v 

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