faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Saturday, November 20, 2010

~G0nna be the end of Fellowship here~

Thank you Daddy God for tonight fellowship BBQ, Friday nite! It was really awesome! I feel so blessed and so full. ~_^~ at first, I think it will be kinda bored because I am so exhausted and I might not be able to make myself busy. However, it had turned the other way. Hehehe… fun indeed! Lifeliners!!! You guys are awesome! Very warm welcome as usual. BBQ!! Hehe… Yesterday went steamboat, this morning watch Harry Potter =D hohoho… very satisfied!!! 5 rates!!! ***** daddy God, all the questions now answered. No wories indeed as you told us to trust in You. 

The best moment in my life is tonight “gonna end by tommorow perhaps~" aiiiyyyaaaa… Eat eat eat!!!! I love all the food just now so delicious! Quite ok la, all of them very funny!!! We all wanna surprise Dennis c0z the day before was his birthday! Instead of singing, we all screaming the birthday song~ pitching lari!!!! Ahahahahaha… Tabooo…. S0 funny!!!! I didn’t join coz my questions haven’t been answered by someone yet, so I took that  time to settle this havoc feelin’!! hahaha… I felt distress the preview days.. h0nestly! Ok!! Enough Val!! Please d0nt provoke those issues again!!! Alright. Set! 

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