faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My path, my decision

Continue master is my aim in life now, however, waiting for the perfect time is crucial. Money is not an issue but I made it as an issue previously, because I dont feel right? Actually, October am going Manila again with family, family bonding. So, I decided to not apply, which I wish it is the right choice I make. After have a deep thought, I realized that study in country is no longer became my desire. I love traveling, why dont I travel and study at the same time? New place, new environment and new country. Study abroad! Oh yes! that is what God has planned for me? Discerning. I love study Lord.

To be honest, to be away from family now is not a right time. I am needed in here, many things happened, outta control. Besides, I love travelling,  shopping, food, and kk. Hahahha... I cant live in lacking? Hahha... just another lame issue actually.

Dear God, 
You are my guide. Please lead my path. If I am away from the path You had prepared, let not give up on me, send anyone to guide me. I like to rebel sometimes. Holy spirit, guide me. Amen.


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