faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Captivating vs I Kissed Dating Goodbye

I am reading these two books since last few months, yea! I am outdated. I found that I fall love these two books, the authors are; Joshua Harris and John&Staci Eldredge. Even though I haven't finished reading yet, I am actually enjoying read it for my bedtime story. Yea. Once, I finished it, what next? I mean I dont have any books to read. I love to read book but it is very hard for me to buy my own, I rather borrow from my friends than buy. Nah.. These two books aren't mine, my friend. ;)
CAPTIVATING: book that unveiling the mystery of Woman's Soul. I am 100% recommended to all girls out there to read this book because I find it very interesting! A special nudge from angels of God I would like to say. To be a Godly Woman is not as easy as everyone thought. Sacrifices needed? Actions needed? Lets ponder upon all that. "Your heart matters more than anything else in all creations. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel as a woman- they are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come now as the Herp of your story to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman. A woman who is trully captivating." (John&Stasi, 2005) Every chapter captives me with the fact what will I, every woman will feel towards fairy tales and many more. I found encouragement, uplifting, affirmations, confidence, healing, forgiveness, empowering, waiting, blessing, loved, freedom and many more after half way reading CAPTIVATING.

Do you know that "God's version of flowers and choclates and candlelight dinner comes in the form of sunsets and falling stars, moonlight on lakes and cricket symphonies; warm wind, swaying trees, lush gardens and fierce devotion. This romancing is immensely personal" (John&Stasi, 2005) God knows what takes my breath away, He is my romantic God ever. Thank you God, you make me feel wonderful, precious and special. All the times, we blame God for abandoned us, but actually we are the one who has abandoned him. He shows us many special treat in our life but we tend to close our heart to Him. "But yea, we must choose to open our heart again so that we might hear his whispers, receive his kisses. It may not come the way we thought or perhaps even thought we desired it to." (John&Staci, 2005).
To be honest, I've personally experienced God's love for me, it so wonderful, awesome, loved, blessed, grace and special. He gives me a new hope, of being LOVE. "I felt a little silly in asking, for I knew the truth- that God had already proven his love for me. He had sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for me (John 3:16). He is an extravagant, abundant lover and he loves to reveal his heart to us again and again" (John&Stasi, 2005). Read Captivating will eventually transform you become a genuine you and free woman with the feminine HEART.
I KISSED DATING GOODBYE: I highly recommended this book to man and woman of God out there. To be honest, As I gone through the 1st part, I personally feel a bit "outside" because this book started with college guys' life and I dont feel really connected. Perhaps I am not really into this type of book. However, there was an urge for me to continue read it before I sleep "bedtime story" Yea! I found it interesting! For me, as a woman, guard my heart, dear Lord. Be the keeper of my heart. #winks

In Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart." How should we do this? First, picture guarding your heart as if your heart were a criminal tied in a chair who would like to break free and knock you over the head. In other words, protect yourself from your heart's sinfulness. Keep a wary eye on your heart, knowing that it can do you damage if it is not carefully watched (Joshua, 2003). Not only that, the beauty of purity: "Purity doesn't happen by accident; it requires obedience to God. But this obedience is not burdensome or overbearing. If we desire purity, we have to fight for it. Only the pure may be vessels of His Holy Spirit." (Joshua, 2003)

Practice makes perfect-or perfectly imperfect. The love we practice in dating not only shows the world Christ's love; it also prepares us for our future relationships. As we relate to others today, we form patterns that we'll take with us into our marriages. For this reason, we must practice not only sincere love but also commitment-based love (Joshua, 2003). I love this book! It make me realize many things that I've never known and all the stories really encourage me, my struggles and many more. This book is a refreshment for my soul. Cant wait to finish it xD

Perhaps I've never date before? Do I? so I feel that this book and me are not really connected. But, it is a good sources for me, and all readers out there to discover something new or common thing. Question!! *raise hand* "Ummpphh... if that person like you but you dont like him and y'all go out, that is not date right? Hangout!? Am I right? For the sake of friend what? Ahahaha" Personally, about dating: not yet the right time? Hahha... Okay, for me, I surrender my calling and devotion to God, sacred life? Marriage? Nun? Waiting patiently for God's perfect time and not mine absolutely. Well, the ultimate purpose of life gonna be, I wanna be Godly woman first, then to be a Saint? Hee xD Lets us pray for each other so we can be Saint in this new era. Love God with our whole heart "Full blast". ♥♥♥
Lord, we humbly bow down and on our knees asking for Your mercy. May we never turn away from Your radiance of LOVE. Let the fire in our heart to desire live for You flame, till the end of the day. May our love for You, fuel a lifelong, passionate pursuit of righteousness. Dear God, heavenly father, hear us Your children on earth. We love You so much. 신,사랑해! ♥♥♥

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