faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Selfish, greed, materialistic side of me

As a woman, who dont like dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, jewelleries, handbags, perfume, sandals, belts purses, hairbands, nail polish and all girly stuff?! Gosh! Sale! Affordable price! Girls, can you resist from entering the korean fashion shop? God, have mercy on me. My eyes are full of stars now. Greed. Yummy. I cant imagine myself drawning in all the stuffs. I am going to be the happiest girl in the world. Shopaholic? Not yet that level? I hope so. XDD

I am worst in financial. I am bad, very bad. Shopping is my hobby especially window shopping with the girls xDD Sometimes, it is very hard for me to control myself from not looking at those pretty blouses. Tempting! Lord, have mercy on this sinner.
I realized that my closet is now overloaded with variety latest blouses? Kinda. Gosh, every 3/4 month I need to eliminate few outdated clothes to give away. Not only that, handbags on my couch now are more than 10. Urghh. Precaution, Pride is coming. Since last year my clothes, jewelleries and handbags collections are mostly from over the sea, out of kk collection. Gosh, my mum bought a lot for us! I love you mum ♥♥♥ She is pampering her daughters with nice clothes, from her vacay : China, Indon, Singapore, KL. We even went Manila for shopping last year because all the blouses and all stuffs are pretty plus reasonable. Next month going to Manila shopping again. Gosh. I just cant wait! Wee~ Greed and proud are in me. YOLO. I am poses by sins. Help me.
I love to buy latest stuff "with conditions: under my budget and reasonable", I am willingly to share too or to give away too all the clothes if I can't fit anymore or outdated fashion. Will I give my favourite clothes to others? Selfish side of me. XDD


  1. wahhh..i want any that u dowan ord? hihi =)

    1. Haha.. how are you dear? Yes, can, got few this. Black leopard, red and few more. Hope we can meet oh. Lama oredy x see u.

  2. Wow! That's a lot. Well, it's gal nature behavior. We can't get enough of shopping not matter how many we bought. Hahaha

    Regarding the tour guide in Manila, thanks for the inform me regarding this issue. I found his name card and you can email to or contact through mobile phone: +63 908 256 3818. Hope you manage to contact him.

    Diana Diane Teo
    Travel Blogger from Travel & Living Journal of DT

  3. Hahaha.. so true. Gals never get enough when it comes to shopping. Btw, yea. I did contacted him. Thank you so much diane! God bless you XD