faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love my family

We struggle and put a lot of afford to be a happy family. Tolerate, understanding, sow love, care for each other, advices, screams, quarrel, console and many more have taken control of all the happy moment together as family. It is pain for all of us, we shared. Let me be the love of my family, use me and all of us oh Lord. God hears our prayers. I believe that God hears my mum's prayer, my prayer might not as sincere as hers. I believe each of my family members pray for a happy family. I was touched hearing my little brother's birthday wish yesterday: "I wish our family will be happy family like right now". Lord, have mercy on us and hear us.
Yesterday yoyo's birthday
My birthday
With baby sister and lil brother
With siblings USS faye's birthday

P/s: Photos share showing that how much I love the moment we all together as a happy family. Strive to be one happy family. Lord, hear us.

We pray hard for my dad too. May God touch his life, fill him with love, patient, understanding, peace, joy, self control, and many more. Amen
Mum and dad my love♥♥♥

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