faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bring God Everywhere

God is my refuge and provider. He really provide when He wants me to do 'mission'. I just knew it when He calls and preparing task for me. There are always a good sign with a good intention. To say NO will be the last choice that I will choose because I know that He will not give something that is out of my ability. In God I find Happiness and Joy. Not only that, when I bring God in someone's life, something good absolutely happened; they feel the love, joy, happiness, peace, calm, understanding, wisdom, self control and support as well. I am blessed to be affirmed by few friends whom I journey with and walk with before. I am now identify more and more gifts that God has granted me. I LOVE YOU GOD. 我爱你 ♥♥♥ 신,사랑해.

Recently, I attended friend's wedding in Miri. I decided to go even though many "things" are trying to stop me, I just knew; I even almost missed my flight. That was one of my surprise surprise mission. To sow love in my friend's wedding and to experience such a detail wedding were awesome! Helping prepared the sandwiches, mop the floor, carried stuff and washing stuffs made my day great. I was doing it with love, joy, happiness, privilege, grateful and many more. To be able to help was my biggest happiness. As I remembered, Sharon did a lot of works too, interior designer, carried stuffs, cut fruits and sunquick maker xD I did enjoyed every single moment I spent there. Such a best experience!
My highlight of Beatrine's wedding was: to be able to lead night prayer together with sharon and beatrine; plus the mother who slept earlier. To bring people in a deep night prayer is equal to bring someone's heart near to God and put their TRUST to God especially when wedding is just the next day. Now: I pray that Beatrine and husband will be one of the family that near to God's heart. Amen.

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