faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Manila 2013. Not again?

Let me start my journey before flew to Manila.
Gosh! 9 days before that, prayer mode was switched on "me and mummy". 3 hail Mary Novena. Thanks mama Mary for hearing our prayer. This prayer is super powerful! Mama Mary truly intercede for our journey as it went very smooth. Try this out people, you will find the prayer is really awesome.

In Manila! Makati! Tagaytay! awesome! Protected and safe and enjoyable. THOUSAND THANKS MAMA MARY. LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥♥♥
Tagaytay! Wonderful place ever. You can see the taal volcano surrounded by the lake. Daebak!
Riding horse! Not poney k. Lol
With little brother xD we paid cheap for 2 horses
And and and!!!!! Riding HORSE in TAGAYTAY of course XD WOAAAAA !!! ;)
Ferris weel for the 2nd time in my life, both in Philippines. I love ferris wheel!
I love zipline too! Most adventurous outdoor activity that I ever did in Tagaytay, Philipine.
As you can see, all of us in the photo  above together with our tour guide: info from diane XD thanks! However, I love Universal Studio Singapore more! Well, the best fun park I would say, so far.
Manila! ChinaTown, Binondo! Shopping heaven and food heaven. Gosh! I love Binondo aka Chinatown Manila ;) I am absolutely going this place again 2014. Ooh, next year! I can't wait to shop and eat again! Woaa, I am going nuts I would like to say. Best Shopping ever! 
Makati! Is where we stayed. My mum and I managed to attend feast of st francis asisi celebration in St Peter and Paul in Makati! Five minutes walk from our Hotel XD Blessed!
Amazed by the church as my first eucharist mass celebration there. I've been to many Manila churches before, which was last year. Big, pretty, amazed, unique and wow! I just love it! 2014. I am going to celebrate eucharist in different church everyday? I am going search for the mass services in every church then ;)

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