faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacati0n t0 Kuch~

St. J0seph Kuching ^_~

Unexpected!!! First thing in my mind was church!! Hahaha… n0rmal as a christian girl wh0 keep w0rrying ab0ut church when staying with her best friend wh0se malay cute girl^^ hahaha… I observed every r0ad there, all I can see was temple n mosque.. church please!!! I cried haha.. ganas dis.. then, really having fun there with my best friends visit here n there “cultural village, etc” despite having fun there, i really c0uldnt stand with0ut seeing where exactly the church is -_-‘’’ suffer 0wh… then msg 0ne of my me0w fren, th0ugh his resp0nd juz tellin’ me d l0cati0n that I really hv n0 idea. Then I asked what time was a d church service there, n0rmal feedback. 0mg! I d0nt have any 0ther me0w fren, 0ther at Sabah. Haiz.. n0 invitati0n t0 bring me there? He actually als0 d0nt have his 0wn car la. Cant help me, kihkihkih.. then, Im lucky en0ugh to have a kind hearted seni0r wh0 was willingly to fetch t0 d church. Yeay!!!! Praise d L0rd..

Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the do0r will be 0pened t0 th0se wh0 kn0ck.” Mathew 7:7

 furthermore, spend with ums rc fren, prec, dan, ick n new fren, hang 0ut la at nite^^ went church was the best part in my vacati0n there. The old classic n unique st.j0seph church is really extravaganza. Super perfect! Ala2 0rg putih… 0mg! fall in l0ve with that building~ bez bez bez!!
boulevard with Nisa t0k
m0del viva car in fr0nt of H0p0h ^^
4th day at srwk thr…
Pagi ya mek n azzah jumpa nisa d emart, then p mkn d café car wash sia.. pas ya, p boulevard jalan2 n ambil gmbr sinun, dlm kedai ya sik ble ambil gmbr, sik kesah la boleh ka sik boleh ka, yg penting kmk org gumbira.. haha… sweet mem0ry… pas ya, mek bgambar ngan badut la k0n0n2.. wahaha.. sja2 la..  then ptg pas boulevard, g taman budaya… apa dip0lah? Beri mkn ikan la… smbil santé santé ba.. hahaha… best la beri mkn ikan, siap nanga asu, nisa ingat statue.. whaha… best la.. hampir malam da ya, p H0p0h kejap jua… bli key chain n azzah’s klip n earing.. lupa mk bhs srwk apa da 2.. pas 1 jam sinun, p pasar malam ngan azzah’s m0m… murah2 souvenirs sinun.. waaa…. Hahaa… the end~
5th day~
Waaa… m0rning ar0und 8 went church… st j0seph… s0 cute, unique n best la d church.. I like!!!!!! S0 damn  much… s0 much diff wif kk 1 la tat 4 sure… suddenly, I saw “0m” plak… they ol wre sitting fr0nt r0w ^^… I t0t 0nly kk gt 0m, perhaps nick n danis0n pr0m0te kuch 2 them ba… gud also la, reduce 0m2 d sabah… 0pss…(p/s:  juz kidding k) jahat 0wh me…. S0rry lar.. then r0und n round n r0und at that place n luckily at last gt parking…totally wasting fuel tat… 3 of us went eat at “DUNN0 D NAME” Nick’s suggesti0n tat… wala0 eh… need 2 wait 4 half n hr 2 gt drinks then 1hr 4 d fo0d 0_o… 0mg… “patient is a virtue”… nvm la… best experience ba… wahahaha… gt many pep0l waiting… then the fud came… jeng jeng… delicious 0wh… I like d mian.. dunn0 wat is d mian’s name d.. I juz eat ma.. huhu… aftr tat… went watrfr0nt thr again… wanna naik the penambang cr0ss the srwk river 2 astana n DUN
.. haha.. best lar.. t0ok many pic, crazy pic als0 gt.. I 0moz 4gt2 pay -_-lll.. raining owh d time we went bek.. aftr that, went h0p0h 2  buy drinks, lastly, went bek lar..
i like this picture^^

me, azzah n t0h s0on

Went tar0t café meet my seni0r “abg angkat T0h S0on”.. talk b0ut li ^^ waa.. t0ugh 0wh.. he cia us drinks..”me  n azzah”
Then, aftr tat went 2 baitul’s nw h0use.. cute-> h0use, cat n her lil br0^^

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