faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Armour up d bez!!

I’m changed after I j0ined arm0ur up lifeline camp! Wh0aaa… I d0nt even believe it! But, I did change ^^ spiritual life n m0re active than bef0re, im n0 longer shy2 cat like last semester.. huhuhu.. mentally change.
keyb0ard!!! yeay!!! act dunn0 h0w t0 play T_T

Shar0n, me n cassandra dear~

frens fr0m emp0wered ministry ~ h0bard, edmund, alex n pius ^^ all of 'em are s0 friendly.
Wat I wanna share here is ab0ut the nite when fr.sim0n h0ld the h0ly sacrament, while he prayed, and he asked experienced pe0ple t0 pray 0ver t0 0thers, then I’ve t0ld the girl that Im g0ing to be the catcher. ” when d pe0ple already ann0ited by h0ly spirit then they start to faint, and catcher will help ‘em fr0m falling”,I want t0 try that!!! She said yes. H0wever, when the times c0me, she h0ld my hand n bring me in d middle to be the first pers0n t0 be prayed 0ver. 0h n0!!! At the same time, I t0ld her: “why me? N0t me first, I want to be the catcher” and I endeavour to release my hand, h0wever I was in the middle there already, what can I do then? The best way was juz received the h0ly spirit. All I can tell during that time was I can feel L0rd Jesus was entering the ro0m n I fainted, suddenly I had the visi0n of a girl wh0 had died n all pe0ple gather ar0und her m0urned and cried like crazey, I felt odd and I think I knew it!! Then I saw L0rd Jesus entered the h0use “if I’m n0t mistaken, that h0use really old, I mean from what I can see that the inside of the h0use looked like sixty century, err.. n0 idea ab0ut it”. Suddenly, I can feel that L0rd Jesus c0me near to me, and I was actually the girl wh0 was laying 0n the bed. I was actually that girl. I really d0nt kn0w what exactly Lord Jesus want to tell me, perhaps he wanted me to live with a new page of life, n0 w0rry, he always there to forgive me.. after that, I juz cried 0ut l0ud.

bible verse:

“Your daughter has died,” , he t0ld Jairus; “d0nt b0ther the Teacher any l0nger.” But Jesus heard it and said to Jairus, “d0nt be afraid; 0nly believe and she will be well.” Every0ne there was crying and m0urnin for the child. Jesus said, “d0nt cry; the child is n0t dead-she is 0nly sleep!ng!” but Jesus t00k her hand and called out, “Get up, my child!” her life returned, and she g0t up at 0nce. Luke 8:50, 52-55.

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