faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrible thing happened in the cute nite.

0mg!!!! Daniel fell fr0m Ambr0se m0t0rbike “c0mel is the name given” I was terribly in sh0cked when I heard a small “b00mp” s0und. What was happening?? I saw him juz n0w ride c0mel kind of fast n n0t that balance “fast n furi0us baby!”, then he has g0ne fr0m all pe0ple sight!  ahahahha… then everyb0dy ran as fast as they can t0ward him, I can’t see the accident in fr0nt of my 0wn eyes, I mean to be the witness of the accident h0wever only heard the s0und c0nsidered go0d j0b already rite? hahaha. Weird th0ugh, really, he g0t an accident? Hit a car in fr0nt ypc alamesra there?? C0nfuse me! Nevermind, I j0ined they all ran t0ward where ever it was, felt like marath0n 0wh. pheewwiittt…. Waa… I can see Nich0las ran very fast h0wever Ambr0se, Danis0n and Emmanuel were faster than him indeed, ahahaha.. me? The last 0ne 0f c0urse. Patricia? Why you are at the back? C0me j0in me, pat! Lets marrath0n together, ok? The best part of my st0ry  that I really like is when I saw Danis0n ran at the opp0site site, ran for help, perhaps, I still g0t time t0 laugh. It was because it has never cr0ss my mind that he’ll be n0t ok. Actually I was thinking that he might have a light injured c0z it didnt make sense if he actually accident by himself.  The time I finished my marrath0n, I saw him laying with “c0mel” on his lap and he c0mplained that he was hurt and that was pain, I’m surprised t00 death! Praise the L0rd! he is well ok n fully c0nsci0us, n0 head bleeding, 0nly 0ne his leg stuck there, I d0nt kn0w what they call that.. ‘’pedal kot or d m0t0rstand or whateva’’. Luckily he still can feel his leg, thanks G0d. The m0st fear thing for me was his head c0z he didn’t use helmet by the time he speed. “Awww… that’s hurt!!!!!!

                    "pity c0mel"
 Awwwwww…” hahahaha… if me la that.. 0opss.. my bad my bad. 0k, t0uchw00d, t0uchw0od n t0uchwo0d… all I can see is the co0perati0n between all the LF pe0ple there “Emmanuel, Ambr0se, Nich0las, Danis0n, Shar0n n wh0ever there la, g0t 2 0utside pe0ple as well, all I can remembered was Patricia was standing next to him and I guess she was c0ns0ling him there, gratefully she was next to him”. That was scary!! They tried to release his leg fr0m wateva of c0mel’s part la that. I felt awful f0r him. He kept asking his spectacle n Pat kind of blur next t0 him, still wandering ar0und for that speck, I als0 keep my eyes widely 0pen to see where exactly it was fell. i c0uldnt find it, s0rry, at that time I felt kind of a bit dark, dunn0… hehe.. H0wever, the m0st funniest thing was!!!!! Ambr0se!!! You still have time to take picture of him with ur “C0mel”! You sh0uld help him first instead of taking picture! What a clever guy! Go0d j0b! “with thumb up”. Hahaha… Later upl0ad it at facebo0k as a pr0ve that Daniel injured himself! hahahaha… and d0nt f0rget t0 sh0w it t0 wh0ever la. Wakakaka. Wh000aa… That was my sec0nd times saw pe0ple get injured after m0t0r accident “ the first 0ne when I was with Daniel, Patricia and Ivy when a lady asked us to send her back after she got an accident due to a big car 0vertake the 0ther car and hit their m0t0r “a lady and his b0yfriend I guess””!! I’m still trauma!!!!0mg!!I c0uldnt help myself! I can feel that I was trembling on that time, a bit c0nfuse, scared n as if I was dizzy to0 as he was. Well, trauma pe0ple always like that perhaps. Then, Daniel said he should be alright c0z n0 blo0d on his upper b0dy part, 0nly his right leg g0t little injury, his head d0nt kn0w th0ugh his sh0ulder g0t a scary bruise c0z the c0l0ur in the middle of it was blue… scary~_~  h0pefully daddy G0d will pr0tect Him fr0m any seri0us injury. I just keep my finger cross then. 

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