faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ma lyfe n0w n be4

It is very surprised actually for me t0 write a bl0G..
Well, time change everything dude…
LifE in uni really hard f0r me, pe0ple ar0und me etc… what else I want t0 say. Im s0 Lucky to have my  2nd family here, UMS >.< life fire is my sec0nd family!! Praise d L0rd!!! They ol are my family, without Life fire, I’m al0ne at uni, wh00aaaa…  it is true u kn0e! I als0 dunn0 h0ws I survived in this “cruel w0rld” <- w0rd I described this w0rld bef0re. . CSG?? Hmm…Llke family la. Maybe yes, maybe n0, n0b0dy cares ab0ut me pun, as if I wasn’t existed. P0or me, went gathering weekly als0 they ol didn’t kn0w me.. akakaka… funny, n0rmallah ^^ G0d whispered 2 me -> I’ll make a way.

“Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the do0r will be 0pened t0 th0se wh0 kn0ck. W0uld any of y0u wh0 are fathers give your s0n a st0ne when he asks for a bread? 0r w0uld you give him a snake when he asks for a fish?” Mathew 7: 7-10

Hehe.. “Life Fire is f0r u dear~” yeay!!!   Lets flash back when I was a first year student, my life at uni was suck, terrible, pity, kinda l0nely “why I said s0? Huhu… went church all by myself, frends? Err… I didn’t have any cl0se friend, just a gr0up 0f frenz which n0t sama head with me. 0opps, revealing my 0wn secret. Wh00aaaa… when think it back, I was s0 gallant! Can u imagine went church al0ne with bus th0ugh but went back church?? Al0ne dude, indeed n always. Well, used 2 it, I guess it was ok for me >,< wahaha… 0k???? my answer was : N0!!!  l0ne ranger dude! T_T’’’  Crazey + immature + pathetic girl th0ught = I wish I have s0meb0dy to acc0mpany me to g0 church, perhaps b0yfrienD??? Pleeeezzzzz, best friend la. Ahahaha… my best buddy~ bef0re this, I always pray to daddy G0d t0 send my s0lely best friend and h0ped she’ll be accepted in UMS as well s0 b0th of us can g0 church t0gether, h0wever her STPM result upset her. I was s0 sad for her as well. Damn! Why it happened to her.. huh… life! Life! Life! In spite of my best endeavours to keep in t0uch with her after her result made her d0wn, it seems impossible. Since matrix, I prayed for her STPM s0 b0th of us can enter UMS. Th0ugh…  “A friend in need is a friend indeed” I cried t0 daddy G0d to send her to me s0 I have friends to go church and sh0pping. I had g0ne thru a very hard time there “matrix Labuan”! h0mesick, l0nely -> n0 friend, shy2 mcm babi, l0w self esteem etc. it was a KMHELL for me.. ahak!! Why ol this happened to me? I was c0ntented with my life d! Even th0ugh had hard life there, I was lucky enuf t0 have 3 sweet rumates~ l0ve ‘em!!!!! Thanks dears~ “y0h, iqa n fel” ~ ai ta men~ 

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