faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

D3viL c0nquer my days~

I’m still piss off with myself!!! 0wh.. what a pathetic life… s0metimes, I ask G0d why wanna give all d challenges when ‘m in 3rd year n0w? why n0t last semester which I have m0re fun than all these “…” It is because I spend less time with Y0u? n0 rite? “baka questi0n”
Why piss 0ff!!~

                My life, it can be described like shipwrecked. My ship is n0t exactly same like Captain Barb0sa’s ship, mine is 6 times cute than his. Despite the cuteness it has, I d0nt have an excellent captain to handle my ship, I need t0 d0 it myself. What an excited adventure ^^ what will c0me al0ng  my j0urney als0 I’ve n0 idea. Most imp0rtant, enj0y my v0yage t0 everywhere I like.

{this part i can tell that my life bef0re semester start really fun, went vacati0n, camp, sh0pping with family, sleepz n watch tv 4 d wh0le day, eat whateva that I wanna eat “like pig” hahaha.}
                0mg!! Terrible!!! I need s0me0ne in the ship t0 help me t0 change the directi0n!! the sails !! l0wer the sails!! Quick!!!! Quick!! Quick!! I’m idealess!! “panic” All languages I have to use just because want to ask for their help, h0rrible!!! Damn it u all!!! The pe0ple that was in my ship are just my cl0ne. They are panic as I am, w0w.. 0kay, let’s G0d decide f0r us okay? But, with0ut any acti0n h0w la G0d wanna help us!!! I need t0 stay calm!! Rilex babe.. calm d0wn. 0kay, what sh0uld I d0 n0w? The wheel! Yea! Brilliant! I sh0uld turn it 180 degree to get rid fr0m the st0rm at the n0rth, sh0uld I ask my cl0ne t0 dr0p the anch0r t0 st0p the ship while I try t0 turn it t0 180 degree? Indeed!! Really? Hmmm… Perhaps. I just let my finger cr0ss then.

                After a few minutes struggling with the wheel all by myself, I still can feel that my ship still m0ving like usual. 0wh! This is w0rse, Why my ship d0nt even st0p for a while?! it keep on m0ving t0ward the n0rth. 0wh n0!!! The anch0r actually cant reach at the b0tt0m of the 0cean because t0o deep, useless. At least I tried -_-lll the wheel!! S0 hard!! It seems like rusted d, cant even m0ve it, even I have tried t0 use my wh0le b0dy t0 m0ve it. Means, all this while my ship just sailing t0ward n0rth!!! I have never t0uched the wheel laaaa!!!!!! Ha????? N0w, infr0nt of me? The st0rm c0me, every0ne h0ld whatever y0u have!!!! I hug the wheel as str0ng as incredible hulk ever did. Bo0m bo0m, krek krek, prang… what s0und is that? Dunn0.. SHIPWRECKED. I have already tried my best, n0w I just leave everything to Daddy G0d’s hAnDs ^^ aww… my head.. it’s pain!!! Im suff0cated!! Help!! D0nt kn0w h0w t0 swim!! If my all cl0ne die, d0nt care ‘em. But me, I must live, why? N0 idea. At the same time, I see safety jacket was fl0uting next t0 me. Thanks G0d, with0ut your help, I might die. Hey hey hey.. safety jacket, I juz can wear it and make me float, then what?? Haizz… im t0o exhausted and headache t0 think ab0ut it, whatever la G0d.

{ I had faced many challenges la!!! H0w I tried s0 hard t0 save my huge n cute ship. H0w hard my life at UMS that pe0ple th0ught it is okay. In fact, it is n0t. it’s all ab0ut my k0lej e, where sh0uld I g0 practical “idealess with all the f0rms n pr0cedures”, study, midterms, assignments, friendship la kunun -_-‘’’ memang Shipwrecked!!! Even th0ugh, all these hassle tr0uble me n0w, it is actually test fr0m Daddy G0d whether I can bear with it or just give up. Hahaha… He will make a way for me. Be p0sitive ^^}

S0metimes I ask G0d:
  Dear Daddy G0d, I always g0 gathering 0n wed, g0 church every Sunday, always remember You in my every step especially driving, pray bef0re eat, always endev0ur s0 I can read bible everyday “that’s why I b0ught lecti0 divina”.. what else you want  me to d0? Read bible everyday? Pray every single m0ment? Perhaps, but I d0nt kn0w that. I’ll try my best t0 d0 so. Can i? Have faith in Him, walk with Him too s0 I will n0t l0st in this stupid life which is full with satan.. huhu..

ATTENTI0N: S0mething funny cr0ss my mind just n0w, last nite 16th August 2010. Hahahaa… I saw a guy which I kn0w la, but n0t that cl0se, ok2 la , I tried t0 be friendly h0wever he still like that, ARR0GANT~ plez la… hahha… funny 0wh.. okaylah, maybe he is n0t a friendly type. An h0ur later, he came t0 j0in my friends, and I was sitting with ‘em 2. By the time he sat 0n the chair, the chair was br0ken and he fell d0wn. Wakakakaakakakakakakaakakaka… Satisfied! Arr0gant la again. Hahaha…  I’m s0 cruel 0wh.. satan! Sh0o.. sh0o.. “Takd0k ken0 mengen0 ngan 0rg yg dah takd0k di dunie nie” hahaha…
Enj0y my lame bl0g =p
G0d bless.

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