faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Friday, December 3, 2010

Prayer Meeting ~Karismatik~

It’s Wednesday!!! Oh yeah!!! Gotta tell ya that last Sunday, Ann told me that every Wednesday my church gonna held Prayer Meeting ‘Karismatik’. Here, in this moment, I wanna express my feeling that I was extremely gay. *GAY = HAPPY* I thought that I am not gonna be in P&W, in tune with God this advent. Though thru Ann who was sent by God to me, I’ll certainly go to P&W God no matter what will happen! Just tell me when you are goin’ to held P&W, surely I’ll come albeit hurricane or tornado attempts to combat me from goin’. Duh~ chill dude. Ahahaha… kidding!

But, as long this hearts’ desire to worship Him, nothing is impossible. Praise the Lord! Lord, You are my strength. Amen =) This heart is longing for You, to hear your voice, to be near with you, in tune with You, talk to You, surrender the weary to You, share everything with You and too much to say. Yet I know that if we seek for kingdom of God first, He’ll do the rest for us, our prayer will be fulfilled as long as it is according to God’s will.

Back on the track…

As I told ya, I’ll keep my word. This desire to worship God always keeps on burning, extraordinary feeling perhaps; unexplainable. After adoration, on Wednesday itself, as I always attend when I go back home, I feel so thrill; to sing for God. I've never felt delirium like before, perhaps there is something really alluring me. Hahaha… keen to know? I don’t think so. ~_^ I felt extremely happy after P&W, so full with His blessing as usual plus dot dot dot. ^_~ Thank you Daddy God. Your grace is ample for me.


P/S: GAY=HAPPY. Please don’t misunderstand yea… due to few friends asked me about the meaning, so please be free to search it in Google if you doubt =)

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