faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Dear cake,

I’m so in love with you!! Cake I love you so much! Sincerely from mE. ;p
I love cakes! Tiramisu, Cheese, Choc and all SR cakes.. So yummy!!
I love the most of coz Tiramisu and Cheese cake!! So yum yum yum….

Back at home, so hardly to go KK “SR” during advent due to my Caroling. My commitment as a caroller is very importante than 0thers… =)

Luckily, I still got time at morning and I managed to bake few type of cakes, it’s been a year since the last cake I made which was so “UPSETING” me. Hahaha…

Funny things happened! My first cake was over baked ;p… 0oohh Eeemmm Geee, sort of chocolate cake plus oreo “weird yea” LOL, my choc chips also burnt I guess ;p

Over baked for 45min and result "above"~
Burnt cake~ luckily the taste quite ok. Sensory taste? FAILED DUDE.. LOL

Secondly, my mixer broken! I was so desperately wanna bake cake during that time. You might dunno how I felt. HHHuuuhhhhh…

Then, I baked "dunno name" cake, blab la bla.. After that, during “Christmas”! I baked Apple cake with my aunt's guidance and baked sponge cake by my own. It was a great success for sponge cake! Awes0me dude ;) Furthermore, I made my own fresh cream! So delicious!!! I MADE IT!! I Mean Fresh cream!!! It’s so yummy!
in the oven "sponge cake"
Apple cake with fresh cream "Christmas cake"
Serving ma cuzie "Chocho"

Last week I baked cheese cake!!! Fully cheese, cheezzzyyy… I used tatura cream cheese, condense milk, lemon juice and eggs. I added a pack of oreo in that cheese cake, not for the crust. ;p s0 yummy !! H0wever it stick in the pan. I should use the 2 separated pan, am gonna buy that later.
Cheese cake in the oven 148C for 58min
Looked so scary is it ;p
Since this is my first sort of oreo cheese cake, I made it. It tasted so creamy and delicious after leave it in fridge for many hours. 
cheerfulcheerfulBAKING IS FUN cheerful cheerful

I can tell that it is fun!!! Really enjoy it. 0wh crap! I’m craving for cake n0w, waiter! Gimme tiramisu please.. ;p “gonna sleep in few minutes! Cant wait to dream about it la”

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