faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There is only 1 word can describe about KIDS; adorable! Children are the gift from God. Can you imagine their are so cutie pies plus the cheeky smile? Besides, their cheek is soft, fluffy, smooth like satin, and elastic like gummy bear. Cute, adorable, comel, cumil, loveable. I love kids very much especially toddler. You might be blur now; what on earth this girl is talking about? Am I going to have baby soon? Haha. It might sound ridiculous for me to tell you that.... I am actually "dealing" with kids; to be exact:therapy and teaching for special needs kids.

First of all, I want to thank God for this golden opportunity that He has given me, He knows that I love kids so very and many much! Only He knows. Lol. It was by God's grace I feel blessed, which to teach special needs has never crossed my mind, but teaching as in become a teacher was one of my greatest desire ;). To be honest, I am doubting His plan for me. Is it really what He has ready for me? Well, now I wanna say that, yea! It is. Affirmation by affirmation I get from Him, He affirms me through bible verse and friends. Honestly, working with a good, generous, kind and loving bosses really make me feel blessed, cared and loved! I am beyond happy: overwhelming. I love my working environment too plus good colleagues ever xD Fun, young, hilarious, one of a kind, patient, encouraging and vibrant.

My kids aka my anakz, known as disability kids as well; they are special, very special in their own way. They have autism, microcephaly, echolaly, down sydrom, hyperactive sydrom, speech delay etc, these all are just special name. They are adorable you know. I love all the kids, especially my anakz. Many sweet and sour moments between all of us. Yea, they might not verbal, only vocalising, behavioural problems, slow in doing things, cant walk properly, too hyper, cant control their reflex, slow talk, poor memory, features imperfect, love stimming; as in their own world, love sensory thing, lack of awareness,  can talk about dinosaur all day long, repeated what you say, running without direction and many more. But they are good kids, when you show your love, prayer and care to them. I know how it feel because I manage to feel their sweet little love. It is beyond amazing, the fruit of my little love for them because they are special in my eyes. I cry knowing that I am going to leave them. I miss them so much. Yea, they all are just so cute! Hugs and kisses from mama to all my dearies ;)

Well, when it happened, it is just happened. Accept it, every thing happened for a reason. Put our trust in the Lord. He'll reveal it, the plan He has for you and me, BELIEVE. Here I share my everyday prayer toward my special kids goes like this "Let my touch today become spiritual touch in their personal growth with God and continue be the blessing as an instrument of God with their own special way. May they feel the same peace that God has given me Amen."

One good question from my sweet friend: Have you ever thought before why they are created? Why only me experience it? "We might say that". Well, I believe that God wants to tell us that not everyone has a perfect features, image and high intelligence like normal human being. We are called to be grateful with what we have. We have a perfect image and intelligence that can be use to help God to evangelist His love story and His greatness through our tangible experience. However, those kids are way too different from us. They are created for a purpose, to bring everyone closer to God, give thanks with the perfect features and intelligence. To plant perseverance and patient in everyone's they meet. They are pure as a the holy water.
Let me share my simple prayer for special kids out there:
I pray that all the disabilities kids out there will be protected by You God, dont let them suffer from the mental or physical abuse. Please save them from all that things that worried me the most. Some parents or person might thought these kids are useless or troublesome for them. Please please please, they are innocent, they have never wanted to be born in that disabilities. Dear Abba, You know what is the best for them. With humble heart, hear this sinner's prayer.

P/s: I do really hope my biggest prayer to open a charity special needs kids' theraphy for the NEEDY. I believe that some poor or needy parents might be thinking "why am I always the unlucky one" but some might be thinking "thank you for the blessing You have given us, our kid has brought us near to You". I pray that the Rich and poor will have the opportunity to learn, which bring to equality. Everyone deserves the best as long as God's people generosity flow endlessly. X') Let's pray together for them. Hugs them tightly.

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving." - Mother Teresa.


  1. Amen to that. Someday you will have ur own and you'll be the best mom ever!

  2. Amen sis. Thanks. I pray that you will be the best mom too! God bless you xD