faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Should I Give up?

Dear God,
I am a great sinner, I try very hard not to sin but this world has dragged me too far from You. I am belong to worldly world and not You any more. Why does it happened to me? Is it only me? Your chosen one? Every time I pray,  I dont feel You. As if there is a wall between us, blocking me from reaching you. What are those thing you wanna tell me, You seems too far to be heard, the noises came from the vehicles drawn Your voice. I know there are many U-turns in front but... is it too late for me to turn? I've been wasting my time to reach the world and now I need to make U-turn to bring You along with me? I am doubting, can I reach there on time? I mean to the worldly world. It sounds like the worldly world is fun and it can't wait me right? Yea, it is fun! Or am I the one who can't wait for the world? I am confuse with myself, where am I now Lord?

Question to ponder upon tonite.
Why are we so eager to chase the worldly thing and neglected God behind of us? Leaving Him without saying goodbye or sms goodbye for the sake of worldly world? Why can't we bring along God to our so called worldly world? Why God can't join us there? Why must we go there without Him? There are many WHY. It really frustrating to hear all the why. Will God feel sad for the rejection that we shot? I invite all of us to ponder this matter before sleep.

It is normal to fall into temptation and make mistakes, we all did, none of us is perfect and will escape from it, we learnt from mistakes which make we realize how imperfect we are. It also teach us how to stand still till the very end. One thing we need to remember, God who always just right next to us, if we decide to leave Him, He wont do the same thing because He is the faithful God. Only Him can make you glad, joy, peace, loved, blessed and many more. Don't we wanna taste the greatness of God like before? Lets take courage in everything we do for the Lord! Be a man or woman of God, bring Him everywhere we go, walk with Him daily! He will lead our path to the right one, and we will find PEACE that the world can't give. We ever exprienced it before! How could your dont remember all the sweet moment! Try to recall the feeling before. Awesome isn't it? However, the big matter now, Do we BELIEVE in Him? Ask ourself about it, be honest to ourself. God is always waiting for our answer, everyday and every second. If our answer is YES. Let everyday and every second be a YES to the Lord. Take courage, open our heart to Him, surrender all the obstacles and burden to Him. Receive the anointing of Holy Spirit. Let His touch become the wake up call and healing of our life.

I leave you with the "chasing pavement by Adele", 1 lyric which really good.

'Should I give up or should I keep on chasing pavement even if it leads nowhere'

Let me share my prayer.

Dear God, hear my simple prayer, from the deepest of Your humble servant's heart, I pray that You will never give up on us even we have neglected You in the 1st place. You know our hearts' desire, we want you to be with You and we want the best for our life but we forgot to put You 1st in our life. I bet that is our biggest mistake Lord. Please forgive us, grant us Your mercy. Right this moment God, I pray that all the youth in this world will put You 1st in their life, let You be the centre of our life. Give us 2nd chance Lord to run toward You, Your kingdom, will You give us 2nd chance Lord? I believe You will because You are forgiving Abba. You'll never let us drawn in the Bermuda Triangle mud. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I seal my prayer with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus most precious and mighty name. Amen.

Have a blessed day ahead prince and princess of God. #winks

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