faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Turn back to God.

Cun cun ^^ I admit that was a perfect time for me to turn back to God. In His time! I believe! I am stand in awe of You, Abba father. God, You are great. I love you ♥♥♥  사랑합니다 ^^ 무앟 무앟. ㅋㅋㅋ

God actually taught me few lessons while I was there, I can feel few slapped on my cute cheek. He actually changed my messy spiritual life to something OMG! Words can't describe, it was between Him and me, lot of reflection I gotta say ^^ The tears of Joy. Thank you God. I can feel the JOY. ReJoiCe! Thank You so much God. 무앟. ㅋㅋㅋ

From my beloved city, Kk, Flying to Kuching then Bintulu. Reached Bintulu, went Miri for no reason? Then come back to Bintulu again for easter vigil. It was unplanned plan. We never have any idea what we are doing? We celebrated our Ester Triduum in Bintulu (Holy Thursday and Ester vigil) and Miri (Good Friday). God is mystery, He works in a mysterious way. All I can say is "I love God".

By the way, just wanna tell that I quit my work "The Body Shop" on March because my work really challenge my spiritual life, summarize: spiritual life almost death, one bar left. Temptation not to go to church was 99.9% due to retail working hours, weekend you need to work and it always known as the peak days. 1 word to describe TIRED. Working in retail was really bring a big impact in my spiritual life. Eucharist indeed I missed the most. Quiet moment aka Adoration.  Talking about God? In tune with God? Ohhh... hard to say. If God calls me, line engaged.

Ho ho ho... Prodigal son is back!

Praise the Lord! Im now back on track xD. Lord, please forgive me, have mercy on me. My heart try to resist all the temptation but i failed. But I promise, starting today onwards, I'll try my very best. Hee... I just wanna thank God for everything. I love you. Your spirit command me to do what am I supposed to do. As the spirit leads, I did it. Thank God for making it possible. Disernment is most needed.

Reflection while in Miri. I realize one big thing. I need to move on, to reality.

After graduate from UMS, Lifefire is still no1 in my heart till today and forever. Perhaps my heart still there, as you know that Lifefire was the reason I've growth rapidly in spirituality and knowledge. The community I call my family of Christ that support me Iin my spiritual growth. I realized that as I growth older, I need to accept the fact that I am going to join other community out there, which suit me as a working adult. Am I right? Absolutely. Please growth in maturity and stand in reality even though sometimes it might be a little bit hard. It is time for you to leave everything to God. He knows the best for u and for lifefire. Chill Val. XD I really pray hard for this family-ness lifefire, my 1st awesome family, my faith foundation. Give praise to the Lord :)

Reflection while in Miri and Bintulu.

Yea, I miss leading P&W like last time in Lifefire. "Hossana" and "Our God is an awesome God". I feel God's presence during that moment, as the Holy spirit leads. Everything just so peace, so great. Worship all out for God. Sweet sweet love oh dear God. Hehehe... I need Disernment.  CCC 801.

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