faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hi mr. Bloggie!! I miss you so mucha! 
Its been a while we havent meet each other. 2012. *First of all, I wanna talk about my dream last nite. I must type it now like here because I am surprised by the dream! and a bit thrill today. It is about just married which never cross my mind recently. This is hillarious. Let me tell the trailer of it okay? Welcome to my dream world story. In a one fine day, I was in the church with white dress *not sure sexy or not, as I remembered, humble dress. Someone standing next to me. Wondering what was going on, to my surprised, I am standing in front of the altar, the wedding ceremony was just ended. I mean I was married to a guy that I liked before, my super fantastic crush who is in love with God "now Im not sure lar him, still actually lar I guess coz I saw..." and he was standing just right behind me. Omgee... am so nervous and excited. How sweet is the feeling ♥♥♥. For me, Its like a real marriage, with priest at our back? Coz the mass ended a while ago. Hahaha.. Realized that we married, and we were in the altar, I asked the crowd to take picture of both of us, none of them bother me. Why?!! I am bit frustrated. I gave them the camera to take my photo. Hahaha.. Then married? I guess.

All of sudden, the situation changed~ just a blink of eyes, We were just friend again, not more than that. Its like he didnt care about me, so I just assumed that I was just a friend to him. Can you imagine how surprised am I?! Situation changed 180º but the feeling to get married in the alter was a great experience! I do really wanna get married in church with my future husband "prince of God who loves Daddy God so much". Awww~ sweet. For sure, I dont wanna get married at my hometown church, perhaps kk gonna be perfect or Philippines or Gold coast? Hello Daddy God, humbly hoping that you hear me xD Thats all. Lol xD Thanks abba for the crazy and funny dream! XD

So... whatever it is, you know the best for me God. 사랑해요. ♥♥♥ :-)

Pray for one another ~ James 5: 16

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