faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God, can I feel You?

I've been DYING wanna feel God in everything I do since my journey started with Him personally, last year? It actually took me quite some time to feel Him in my life, in His perfect time absolutely ;) I do believe that patient has taken SEVERE control during the duration of waiting. Wow! AmazinG! I just wanna praise the Lord, Lets sing praise and worship songs together friends ;)

Let me share more: There was a time that I feel him so near, in me, I feel like every thought, plan, suggestion, advice and move that I have are His. It is so real, even every whisper, every step I take and everything I do, He is just being REAL! He is there, in my sight guiding and smiling toward me. Again:SMILE XD. So cute isn't it?! I am just a normal human being who sins everyday, in my thought and in my words, yet He answered me with a surprised presence! How awesome is the feeling ;)

Daddy God, I just wanna become Your witness, to tell Your nation that You are my healer, provider, guide, protector, sweet and loving daddy, I am standing awe of You dear God, in Your presence I dwell. I have promise myself that I am not gonna take baby steps anymore like what I did before. In Jesus' name, I take courage and promise to take mummy steps. So friends, I invite you to come and join me to take COURAGE in everything we do for the best of God's nation and ourself. We need to make a radical change in people's mind and thought, we might not has the supernatural power to change everyone we want to, like Xmen and The avengers, it may be one living life touched but the countless blessing will be passed through as s/he shares. One is just a letter, dont be discouraged by it, let be a living witness to help others, many of them may need our help in many different areas: listening to their problems, comfort words from you, gentle smile, short prayer for them, just be there for them and, here I wanna share my prayer towards my special kids goes like this "Let my touch today become spiritual touch in their personal growth with God and continue be the blessing as an instrument of God with their own special way. Amen."

"In this way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven."~Mt 5:16.

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