faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Journey to Manila was a BLESSING

It was by faith my dear. You know what?? Ok!!! The first thing before flight!! Only one guy will be following which initially suppose be two guy as they are so called bodyguard!! Gosh!!! One of my sister fren cant join us "guy". Alright thats fine, we can handle it. Three days before going, we did Devine Mercy for protection, guidance, weather, health and many more. It was Awesome!!! Me, mummy and both sisters joined even though Vannesssa was in KK during that time. Well, it is a basic preparation before Travel. Come before the Lord, offer our life to Him for His guidance and protection. Do trust in Him and He'll hear your prayer. 

On that day itself 2nd August, one of our friend called and said that she missed her flight from Sandakan!!! Then, her new flight gonna be ten minute before our flight!! Gosh!!! What can I say about it!!! Insane!!! At the eleventh hour!!! You gotta be kidding me!! She was the one who knew and arranged the transportation when we reached there as she has already settled with the tour city. Haha.. Funny is it?? I was worried indeed! We dont even know where is the hotel that we are going to stay. Only the name!! San Lorenzo!! Who the hell knew it?? Trolllll... Everybody was worried however there is a line that always sing in my mind "God will make a way when there is seems to be no way."

In the airport, i were google ing all the hotel near Makati, as my fren, Vicky suggested to shop at greenbelt in Makati. Thank God!! However, as i google, i couldnt find any hotel! Trolol... If people asked about our Destination, i'll just answer Makati, if they ask which part of Makati then i'll say Makati again, near greenbelt though. Nice answer yea.. Who the hell care. The moment that six of us waiting for were finally arrived!! Around 2:++pm, we arrived Clark, airport!! Yihooo... Finally baby!! Clark air is different from Kk, obviously. Lol.. Everybody was so excited! As we carried our luggage.. oh!!! Transportation man!! As Vicky and some of my friend told me that as I came out from the airport, there is a bus counter. Oh!! Thank God!!! We bought for six people, 400 peso/head. Done!! The moment we went out near the taxi driver, we saw a guy holding a paper with our friend name on it. Oh no!!! We bought the ticket already~ after we discussed about it, i went back to the bus counter asking if the tickets refundable, however, they said cant but can be used for coming bek to airport on Sunday. :'( Ohhh... while my sister went asking the guy with our fren named. Suddenly I felt someone pulled me from the counter¡¡¡¡ I thought he is a handsome however he is actually she, my own sister... Cehh... She said we just follow the bus, and she asked me to run toward the bus Asap as she explained to me about the guy told her that the name on that paper is from blablabla.. Cant be trusted. So we decided to follow the bus. The end.

Yeay!!! Entered the bus and sit for awhile. Gosh!!!! Where are the location of the bus is heading to?? I mean exact location, we knew Makati, but which part?? Near our hotel?? San Lorenzo?? Or what?? Oh no¡¡¡ By our faith, we surrendered everything to almighty decision, You guide us Lord. We offer up our journey to You, show us the path. Ok, rilax in the bus, long journey!!! Almost four hours!! Manila... JAM!! like crazy!! People here and there kept on honk to each other and the distance between the two buses equal to your wrist!! As if you can open the window and slap the next bus' passanger. Can you imagine¿¿ Near is it¿¿ Unbelievable yet true, sorry, this ismy first time going out from Malaysia "culture shocked" but not Sabah. ;-p. Pheeeewwwww... Long journey! I wanna go pee... However, the bus' toilet fragrant!! wow!!! #puke. So, I just endevour myself to stand. Baboy!! Wait k Val. Alrite, "Makati is here" one of the girl screamed. Oh... Finally!! I need to find toilet :-) The moment we went out from the bus~ Where are we????? FEel LOST!!!! FOREVER LOST!!! I mean for few second due to the highway we were standing. No bustop there!!! I mean Makati pit stop!!! Lol.. Luckily i know how to speak tagalog a bit! I learnt from the book. Then, we asked about Hotel nearby, overall, 5 stars hotel, out of our expectation dude! Then went to ascott Hotel, still couldnt find any. For twenty minutes looking around.for hotel but couldnt find. Hey!!!! I wanna pee..Feel like wanna explode¡ My oufit for that day totally wrong!! I know I do look gorgeous with mini skirt, however they said, for first day, it is better to look simple. Argghh... Whatever. Luckily stop near pizza huts just for the toilet. Phewww... Much more better!! :-) Praise God!! mum came out with a brilliant idea which was by asking the taxi driver "Raymund the good looking taxi driver and he is young" the 4stars hotel nearby, he brought us to full house hotel and the 2nd hotel was L&B suite due to lack of hotel that he knows... The funny thing here!! I bought the cheap pork bun which actually need to be microwaved!! However I was hungry and kept on munching it without seeing the label, then end up with puke all the food I ate previously. ;p LEARNT A LESSON!! 

Ok! Done!! Praise God for sending a good man to us even though syendee and litto shared front seat together. Troll! Raymund thank you!! You are good looking bald guy :-D The receiptionist man is a good and friendly man as well,.*He said that I am MAGANDA and my boyfriend will be lucky to have me "future boyfriend indeed" Lol!!! It is because I know how to deal the problem.with my manner and smile and many more. Enough Val!!! Hahahahahah.... TROLL.. Btw, we all were so lucky, God's plan was incredibly awesome :-D Thank God!! Yeay!!! The room is cozy as well!! Thank God!! We arrived there with our faith. He shows the way!!! God is awesome!!! All the time!!! Never lose HOPE!!! HE IS MY HOPE IN DESPERATION. THANK YOU JESUS!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Even though the weather that night wasnt good however we managed to reach there safely. We still in a pink of health for the next morning. I love the hotel services!! I love everything there!! Plus tips we gave the "Galang's look kid".

2nd day!! Horreeyyy... After sleep very well last night, we continue our tour on the 2nd day!! ;p the moment we woke up around 8am. The weather outside looks gloomy. Oh no!!! Plan ruin??? We need to go out from the hotel room please. After a while, the weather turn ok. So, continue our journey to shopping complex!! Greenbelt, otw going to greenbelt, we asked all the security for guide, then infront the bank, we took jeepney!!! So cute! Wow... It is great!! We took photo inside jeepney. ;-) Best moment!! At last jeepney!! 8peso/head. We passed the triangle park Makati. Ayala road of course. Then we go Landmark as it is just next to Greenbelt4 ;-) We took our breakfast in Landmark mall. Gosh!!! The stuff inside are cheap!!! We did our shopping and shooting., it was enjoyable. Great time together, we just knew that inside greenhill, there was a chapel with every hour mass!! Wow.. Cool is it!! The building itself unique!! Then, we called Allen as it is emergency, the tour guide, due to we need to get out of that place and see other places, places of interest or another shopping complex. Wahahaa... Then allen told me that he'll send joenelle instead of himself, then the white hyundai, van shown up and wow!!! The handsome man came out to invite us to his van. Comfy van ;-) i did really shy to talk but still asked a lot of questions. Then, yea... We pass all Makati places, still remembered all the places we passed on the way to greenhill~ Hee... As you know, the big wind as the tail of typhoon still there, big wind!!! you can see the trees went here and there. He told us that the day before we came, there were a big wind near the seaside of Manila. Wow XD praise God that we all saved from the big wind and splash of water "small tsunami he said" We knew a lot about Manila in a short while, the monsoon, small natural disaster.

Thank God we all are still alive after that day~ Phewww... Love you Jesus #The Power of Tridum. Then, after half an hour in the van, we finally reached Greenhills. Another green after greenbelr! ;-) The moment we entered!!! Gosh!!! Cheap!!! I brought out my calculator, but wait!!! Money changer! We need to change USD to peso. Ok... Wait wait wait k Val and everybody. We changed $800 to peso for four of us to shop, the rate were around 4.32. High is it?? So lucky, as the rate increased from the previous day and it also increase compared money changer in Makati. I cant resist myself after devide the money to four of us!!! Thank you mum for the pocket money!!! Really love mummy!! For the 1st time to be the responsible person to lead the tour as in money, hotel, transport, next destination, and so on. Ok, for me, calculator always be my boyfriend, with me 27hours, as I need it so badly. All the clothes there were so cheap!!! Gosh, left and right, could not resist!! Hehe.. Bags, clothes, pants, shoes, bangle, necklace, pants, etc Goshhhh... 150, 200-500 peso were the standard range of prices! Fainted. Devide 13 k people if you wanna know Malaysian RM! The 1st thing i spotted was necklace!! Do you know how much i adore necklace!! Oh my!!! Adore shopping. So worldly! Well... After that we went to Seaside, near Mall of Asia!! Ferris Wheel ;p Awwww~ so much fun!!!

After finishing shopping, where the incident my mom and I lose in that big building~ Hmmppp... Hahahhaa... Funny though! Then, all of us went to Macapagal Seaside: Dampa where we had our luxurious fresh seafood  dinner. we pick the fresh item and they cook for us. So much fun! Enjoy our time there even though massive jam on the way back hotel. Tour guide talaga handsome! ;p
3rd day :) Continue our day with new tour guide, Allen. He brought us to Intramurous, China Town, Quiapo Church, 189 mall, sourvenier shop and lastly SM Megamall, Mall of Asia. ;) So much fun! Then, we manage to find baboy satay near our new hotel. ;p Yummy!!! Thank God for the great journey! God with all of us ;)

4rd day :) Breakfast in McD and yea :) Our last day before our flight at 4pm. We did shopping somemore on the way to the airport. We saw the cementry on the way back however couldn't stop for a while due raining. Gosh! Quite heaving rain! Though, we all were arrived KK safely on 6pm :) Thank God.

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