faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, September 17, 2012

Question to Ponder

Question: How to be a good leader or future good leader oh? I wonder???

Share God's love thru your simple action «give a hand to stranger/ smile to people that u know,
elderly n everybody»? your words «eerr... cursing? Is that a good example??» Hahahha...
Treat everybody equally? «you handsome so I treat you supernice compare that not so handsome you??», prevent jealousy blinded you, well everybody has their own talent rite?? Am I?

Yalah.. I know some people has the desire to serve and not to be served. Excited la rite.

But please Dont treat me as if I dont exist, layan macam tamau layan but then di sannaa or wherever la, super friendly. Sometimes I feel sad but maybe they all have problemo as well rite, so I pun OPTIMISTIC la like si Elephant :-)

Question again: Is that How we layan God as well? When we feel we need Him then we brabis jadi superbaik but when the time we dont need Him, we layan tak layan la Him? Sadnya...

Dear God, there are many times I failed to hear you, but please forgive me dear God. I do really need you in life. Guide me to not fall into this temptation of human selfish place. To fall again and again is not my desire. What I really need is to rise from my fallen. I may not know what will happen in future but KnowinG GOD ALONE is the joy of my heart. Nothing can replace this happinnesss... Wooohhhooo... Thanks God! 사랑해!! 진짜 ❤

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