faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What on earth I am doing here?

Dear God, do you know how grateful I am to feel You in my life. 사랑해 ♥ ❤ ♥

Kuching trip was one of your beautiful and wonderful plan for me! It was full of fun and fruitful journey. You provide everything, You make things possible. BESIDES!! My journey was blessed with few wonderful friends whom you sent! which I adore them so so much!! Thank you God! For your great great LOVE.

Few weeks ago. To be precise! Early September! I've decided to send my resume to Kuching Factory! I click! and indeed! Sent! Yea, I know I am kinda insane~ Ha... Ha... Ha... Seriously I've never even thinking to work there! Like hell no! Hahahaha.. Its just I've ever strongly telling my fren that I aint gonna work there. Imagine! Flying to kuching is like "impossible!!!" I, myself cant believe it! Ridiculous man! Oh~ Nevermind, just give a try. No harm rite?

The next morning, friday. Tuttt.. Tuttt... «monotone» Phone call~ What!!! Interview in Kuch on 12 Sept?? You gotta be kidding me God! Trolol What is this? Prank call from heaven? Hmmm~ with a reluctant hand, I'll just say yes in the 1st place. Oh no!! Mom has turned to devil, she forbid me to go! At d end, Free!! Hahaha~ kidding mum. Love you mum ;p

So, I told Nick, senior Lifefire aka my good friend of Faith aka friend bergila-gila about my interview. And guess what!! In his message, he was happy excited for me!! Happy of course! :B Thanks for the warm welcome message Nick. Lol! Lifefire aura.. Understandable ^^ I was seriously worried about transportation, place to stay etc.. Gosh! God, You will provide rite? I believe in You. However, still worried. care not. Gosh!! I bought one way ticket so mum wont be very angry. Ahahhaha... Troublesome daughter is me! Forgive me Lord. As if I escape from house without mum fully permission some more. :D Rebel :D gonna tell my future grandchildren how extreme my lyfe was! HISTORY man! -Skip that part-

2nd time arrived airport all by "Myself"! Meow meow again! ;p Hey! I come by faith, and by sight also lar. Miahahaha... Thank you so much warrior of God! Nicholas Alvin George! Praise God for sending this warrior to help me to find my prince charming. God! You are great! Ahahaha... Thank you for the transportation which is a blessing from God to you and your familia Nick. With the pumpkin horse we ride, I finally reach the destination. However! I couldnt find my prince charming due to many procedures need to be done! "Working permit, labour fee etc!" wahahaha... What??? Why called me in the 1st place? If I know, I wont come~ Like serious. Hmm~ Sad giler beb! Feel like cinta terhalang. Went there without 100% permission then otw ada problem sumore~ God, You gotta be kidding me? Hehehe.. Kidding God. Love you. Haha...

Okay! Fruitful 10 days I can say lar!!! Awesome! All about God! How awesome is Our God!! Love you love you love you God!! Later i'll edit my few days there. No time now. Gtg! Wait la'er ;p God bless!

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