faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2nd day

Thank you for everything Jesus. ~_^ 我爱你!!!
我真的很爱你 =)
w00ooaaaa.... super great! half day again! =)
Then, I went canselori, UMS again =< wuueekkk... LOL...
Went 1B with ma cuzie "radha".
0k2 la... n0t that exhausted! fun though =)))
Went GIANT, all I can think was ab0ut cheese cake! My Philadelphia cheese at h0me! Wait 4 me this friday nite or saturday m0rning 0kay~ SR! Wait 4 me next week, g0nna be there with ma siblings~. Yummmyyyyyyy ;p~~ : cheerfulcheerfulcheerful

Felt guilty f0r whateva it iz.. I kn0w you might be angry and all I want t0 say is s0rry. SORRY f0r what I've d0ne to ya~ Huh... Really Sorry, please forgive me.

While i was online just n0w, i saw this cute picture! i was just s0 amazed with this picture! see below!!!!!!, "speechless".. h0w t0 say yea... s0 ad0rable picture, the cute angel is struggling for the H20 perhaps, you try to see her face, what is her expressi0n? Huh~ It really struck ma heart. i tried to ignore this FILL IN THE BLANK of temtemtemtemterem~ I can't explain it n0w! eeeerrrrr.... all i can say n0w is cute la... huh... 
What a TIRED day "s0 suddenly"~~
Adorable little angel in a very beautiful garden. Fall in l0ve with this picture. H0w i wish to....

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