faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Lifefire Campus Ministry = My Love

My Lifefire My Family

So fast time flies!!! Tomorrow gonna be the last day for me to meet you all. So sad ni i feel, at the same time yea, happy coz i am finishing soon ;-) I am gonna miss you all!!!

For Lifefire, I can do anything!! You want me to climb the mount Singai for the joy that we’ll have in lifefire? Can.. Btw, where is mount Singai? Hahahaha… Ok, joking.

AFFIRMATION FOR EVERYBODY in lifefire “DUE TO KINDA FREE!!! VIVA EARLY JULY!! BULI-BULI LIKE THAT!! MAU MARAH ALREADY.. But, God is in me, self-control. Marah kejap jalar… Normal what =p 

"Many grammatical error this, i hantam-hantam type only, TESL girls~ can you all close one eye for me??" --> With blink-blink eyes! LOL 

Audrey: Sweet girl, with a humble heart and so cheer. You always make me feel happy when you are around. I like your voice and your sharing, so encouraging oh.. You are strong girl and cute, as always. So happy go lucky! I’m going to miss you Ode!! ER 2012 make us closer this. Yea.. Jessie’s house that.. hahahha…

Clare: your gentleness! You are so funny sometimes and yea.. Always help like Conny. Without both of u and Maureen, the place would not be as cleaned as it is.. You've never complained, so faithful to lifefire oh u! Wow!! You always be a great fren. Sweet friend like you memang best la. Thanks for making me feel happy all the time with your smile. You effort to speak English make me happie =) Buli bah kalo ko.

Conny: you are funny! Hahahahahgagahahaha... Good helper. Always be there to help. Rajin la i can say. Happy to know you. You make me smile and laugh! P/s: Conny, i tidak ambil hati la pasal my name in faith in action should be the 1st one kan as you promised me kan, tapi... on that which i found out that my name not the 1st one. How la this. I'm not saying that you are... Tapi.. Bukan.. Tapi... Hahagaha... 'i just wanna make u nebes bah this as usual.' Hahaha.. Ur nebesness make me laugh! keep up the lucuness in you! Lol

Danison: Always be a good friend and good brother, your passion toward photography memang wow lar. Really happy to know you, 4 years kan, I ever saw you since matrix lagi that. High 5 matrix friend. You ever help me drive my car also, we all ramai2 gila-gila last time somore – pat, dan, nick. Haha… You are a good brother la.

Deb: Great experience with you lar even "5 of us together" The other one of coz God lar. Yea.. Journey with you guys *3 of u* really make me feel wow.. It gonna be tough. But i forgot about God for few months i guess. Then i realized, Hey! Nothing is impossible! God is with us rite! Altogether, 5 of us. Hahaha... Thank you God for the blessing and grace that you have given us. I'll been praying for your new generation to serve in Lifefire and you answered my prayer. I do believe not only me praying for that :-) Thank you God for this wonderful family. Thank you for debbie and Yvonne. I still remembered the 1st we met was Island trip where you said you didnt bring extra shirt, and we talked about the Handsome om putih next to our seat, and they were sunbathing. Miahahaha... So much fun la the time we spent together =) You are a good planner, you are a good leader, you are so concern in every aspects that you'll take. I feel God's love in your Meow meow smile =) *Hugs

Emman: Yoh Emman gege! Sorry for the late top up most of times. Heee... Lazy me wanna top up oh.. Maybe next time i'll ask the next tresurer to buy top up dg earlier! Maybe that time, you have already retired from keeping the phone with you. Hehe... Yea.. I wanna affirm you for you kindness to me, patient with my mumbling *sometimes* and yea.. You are a good brother to me.
Man. You care for everybody. You always do a lot of things like keep the ypc key, top up phone, msg everybody, play guitar, arrange bus, and yea.. God knows all that. Thanks for being so faithful to God! I am so proud to say to God that you are my good brother. In times of bussiness, u just say yes to God. Wow.. Great la! Really happy to journey with you as one of the leader. You have shown to me that "In God, nothing is impossible" God is so awesome isn't it. He always provides. And journey with you all "4 of us" really has strengthen my faith and believe that God always provide and He'll make a way and He hears out prayers and He'll never abandon His children and He always be there to support us and encourage each and everyone of us. I believe in Him. I guess four of us growth super drastically coz we handled a lot of things without complaining *maybe sometimes* God is our King. Man! Be the man of God :-) Thank you for everything emmanuel. Hehehehe...

Gaby: sweet girl. 1st time knowing her, “why this girl got a lot of questions, sometimes she’ll show her awkward face and dissatisfied of the answers given” Read CCC… Hahahaha… Really hard to get to know her at the 1st time. By the times flies, she change. She has growth spiritually. For the time being, I see her grow in FAith, yea,… Very obvious lar. Very happy for her! Your friendly smile, u r so friendly lar…  Praise God. She talks a lot. Yea.. She always make the car environment full with sound yea! Normally if we were in the car, i'll just say “Lets just switch off the radio which is one of distraction of our sharing-maring” as before the weather check session" Hahaha.. Having a good time talking with you in and outside the car! As you smile, your eyes smile too :-) You always bring friends to lifefire gathering! Which is i am really proud of you! *hugs*

Geraldine: happiest girl ever. Adakah patut u asked me to bring camera that day, games day... Hahahha... Yea... Happy go lucky girl, your laugh your greeting “anehaseyo”! Gonna miss it dear. U are indeed funny girl with a good heart, you feel what others feel. I do believe that :-) U are a great friend to journey with. You make people around you happy and smile. You memang funny since the 1st time i met you and cute lar, polite girl. You always make the environment full with joy. Saying YES to Lifefire is equal to saying YES to God. So sweet.. *Hugs

Jesse: Bah! hahaha... Thanks for helping me drive the time i dont feel like driving "lazy to drive". You are a good brother to me who always help me in time i need help, yea... Hang out together to release stress. Yea.. I'm a little bit scared at first that u'll say no to lIfefire this due to last time u r sick and can’t make it last time. But, i saw your grow in faith!!! Super arh.. As i journey indirectly la with you, i see your faith toward God and, i, become witness la.. Hahaha.. Ss. I am so proud of you when you said you are serving in Lifefire -in the car while search for parking. U choose lifefire this! Oh... Sweet.. Jess! You bring laughter to everybody with ur "bah" Happy to know you! You memang determine on doing something this which make me feel yea.. Good idea! God loves you dude! P/s: after outing when you said 1 movie best and u explained a lot, tau-tau!!! You haven’t watched yet @.@ It was so Funny!

JoenerYou still remember after camp!! Yeaa.. You posted the daily reading in lifefire Group, wow.. I wondered.. This kids really love to read God’s word. Not bad, not bad… And you are so open! Clean! When you said u wanna talk bath 1st -ER- superfunny and owez SS i think. Sporting. Concern of others, all of us. when sepa2 not yet share their day kan, U remember this all. So good lar u!!  You are funny as well.. Always make people laugh esp weather check time. I've never know that you are happy go lucky type! I realized that during our camp with bea and derek la. Yg moment yang u ada blur2 lagi that. Hahahaa... Your hair nice sudah tu. Your habit to rearrange your hair kan "obviously" cukup handsome already that, like korean. Eph2:10. LOl. You make me feel appreciate ni n my presence in lifefire is so meaningful. You make me feel like a special big sista in Lifefire esp during ER that... Astaga... Your face bah! During last day!! haha... Louisa noticed that as well. But you still rawk la joe! Pheww... Happy feeling. Yea.. I know, you enjoy all the food as well kan :) as tetap dan berpencen as ajk makanan, do miss me k!!! Esp my beef patties plus seaweed! Lol!! You all lucky la i can say that. Joe, you are sweet lil brother to me, ohhh.... Some more you take courage to step up, even though you speak BM, i see your effort to speak English as well which i feel sweet this, you've never feel malu lar. Swwweeetttt fav dongsaeng ya.

Linda: Sweet girl, you like to manja-manja with people this i feel which is so cute la. Hehehe... Miahahha... I am gonna miss your voice "which quite unique lar" no one has same voice as you. Hahahhaa.... "Obviously bah"

Lyliana: Sweet and cute and funny and cool lita sista! Really fun to have you around! W ecan bergila-gila. Thank you for your help the egg mayo sandwich “ which many people puji us” miahahaha… we all are good in doing sandwiches only, with Val and your friend’s help also rite. HAIR thingy is the thing which make us closer rite? hahahha.. Lyl!! Gimme high 5 with your hair terbang here and there k =p. Miahahhaa… *Hugs

Maureen Alma: Super thank you to Daddy God, I met this wonderful daughter who is so kind to me, offer me a room to stay “last year after Lifefire camp”. I am a parasit "FYI". Hahahha... God has been so awesome to me! Maureen has a good heart to serve God’s people. She always there for her friends, well, I am her roommate, of course I know. It’s like somehow seing myself in her “last few years ago”. Aheemmm.. Yea... I mean, i am so shy2 cat la previously, previous leaders know that. =) Maureen is a good friend who always be there for you, taking care of you, even though she always tease me and always "gotcha" me =,='' I am gonna miss you dear~ The time we spent together seems not enough to me. To have a sweet, kind hearted roomate like you is so 1 in a million~ hehehe... You are a great helper, you always give your time to help Lifefire, I see all that. =) Really appreciate for all the wonderful thing happen to me, all the things we shared. Sharing is caring =) Bless others as God has bless you =) Bask in His love! *Hugs

Maureen Candy: I don't think that I can be close with you - My thought last time. I just don't know that we are going to very close this.. Last time, you are not as friendly as before, i still remember the moment yang we become close was the time i hold your DSLR and took photo with it, i feel so close with the DSLR, and the owner of coz.. You still remembered LF Gathering in Bundu Tuhan with Derek and Bea, that was the time we can talk and bergila-gila! I miss you and they all Suh lar that moment! Woooaaa... Now punya Maureen is so sweet ni, always smile, last time, very hard to see you smile. =p Thank you for being so kind, nice and friendly to me. I feel the warm welcome when you smile to me ni, i am just so happy! You gila-gila also this "rupanya" miahahhaa.... *Hugs

Vonne! You are cool! Cool leader! You know what... Before our camp with Derek and Bea, 4 of us only, I don’t know how am I going to interact with this champion debater.. hahaha… After get to know each other, especially after camp, you are actually really train me to do last min work! *prepare for working life! Excellent* i can handle it! God is with me! Even me now! Planning things last min! Sometimes! #Contagious la you Vonne! Hahaha... Cool lar princess of God! You memang princess of God yang so cool! Your presence indirectly built my confidence up to 92% which before this might be 81%. You make me feel i can do it especially the slides about Easter Triduum! Your encouragement really cool as well! Yea… You make me tetap and berpencen with FOOD. I did enjoy it so much!! I get to know very well where the locations of best bakery are. I love pastry! I've never met people like you "i mean princess of God"! You make me feel that i am precious and special in God's eyes, you make me feel that :-) Your smile "unchangeable pose" make me feel that way actually! I am just so happy la i can say! The moment we all together is the best moment i feel, especially the time only you i and in the car, where that day my car got heart attack bah. hehe.. I'm gonna miss you princess of God dear, really fun to journey with you coz i've nothing to worry about and i know everything is in control. I love you Vonne sista! God loves you dear. *Hugs*

Wen: I wanna affirm your cooking talent! Wow!! Cool man! Man is a real good cook! Hahaha... Joe also buli tahan la "maybe". When you talk about cook, wow!! Org Kuch hebat la. Caya la! You are a good friend, can see how close you are with Joe, and you are hillarious lar. Wen, one more thing, your ashley! i know you are guitarist as well! Can see your passion in guitar while playing ashley! Cool. Yea..You are cool! Rock the world for God!

Yvette: you have grown a lot esp your faith to God. My 1st impression of you is " oh no, it gonna be hard for me to approach her/ try to know her coz she is a quite type girl n x open -reflect of myself previously- but after get to know her, she is a sweet girl who is huggable and lovely and kind. I am gonna miss you vette, so so much. She is so sweet, when she smile to me, the sincerity in her and love sampai bah.. I feel this! I see God's love is in her. She makes me feel welcome again in Lifefire! After my penat lelah handle this and that.. Her smile is like an affirmation from God to me. Wow.. syok oh.. And as you say YES, well done my dear, you take courage. I feel overwhelm. *Hugs

TQ to Bea and Derek and Jinny as well =) TQ for the great support. God bless y'all.

FYI: Before Lifefire camp 2012, Lifefire was having Financial Problem, However, God provides everything!!! Miguel the generous man of God donate His blessing which amount 4 digits. Praise God. Thank you so much. Besides, St.Simon congregation donated a lot also, Lifeline's help plus people yang generously donate la and support us in prayer. Thank you so much everybody for your kindness and charity. All we can do is pray for them, especially for those yang kna sponsored, *Hint hint. hahhaha... God bless them to share the blessing to all of us this. How great is our GOD!!! Amazing God 

" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding "- Proverb 3:5

P/s: When you all miss me, do pray for me k. Miahaha... Maybe during that time i do really miss y'all and miss miss miss miss. As we are called to pray always, let the spirit leads us. Miahahha... :) Let's start our 1st step to pray for each and every one in Lifefire 1st. Then you'll realize how great is God, hearing your prayer for everybody and PRAYER itself is so wonderful and powerful! I did pray a lot for this ministry when only 4 of us serving. And now, i am so amazed by God. See the growth of Lifefire and Lifefire's members to leaders. Life changes! Wow!!! God is so AMAZING. I am the most HAPPIEST PERSON NOW. This is what i can describe la, seeing all of you Grow In FAITH AND Become closer to each other. So touch oh! I love You all!!!

Lotsa Loves ♥ ♥ ♥

Valerie Big Sista, 2012


  1. Wah, daebak! HAHA! Thanks for the affirmation sista! :3

  2. Welcome!! to you-know-who :) however i dont think that i-know-you. lol..

  3. aigoo nuna.. hahaha~ Joe dongsaeng ba! Eee! Stresss! *Gary style*

  4. wahhhh....truly da best la gusta!!! btw tengkiu for the affirmations, u have been a good friend of mine too till today, i think since u told me that u knew me since KML lagi hehehehelain.... kali kta jalan2 n gila2 lagi, dis tym to kuching lg hahahaha...yea sumday~

  5. Joe dongsaeng ya!! I do feel that it is you!! Joe rawk!! Hahaha... dont stress2 like Gary ba, later become UGLY how? Miahahaha... cson, welcome! haha.. see how la, Kuchh?? Errrrr....