faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's all about ME and GOD ♥

Dear faithful God,

You know how much You really mean to me. Thank you for yesterday, today and the days ahead. The love that You have given us has shown your greatness, your care for me, your support, your trust, your comfort & sweet word, your encouragement, your consolation, your confidence to me, your  angel whom you send to me, your love and your presence in my life “just next to me”, Why I always fail to hear your voice in time of all the hassle come and why i Hesitate? Pardon me oh dear God.

I soon realized how important a.k.a. 重要 my life to you Lord even though I am not as clever as that girl, lack of confidence, lack of bible knowledge, not as slim as that girl there, not as good as them when do presentation in front, not as good as them in prayer, not as creative as them in doing cute things, not as soft spoken as them, not as important as other people but still lord, You see me as pure gold, you know how many hairs in my head, you know everything about me. 
Why should I doubt myself? 

Why should I hear all the human thought voices which will lead me to the darkness “You are not confident enough, you can’t do a good prayer, the leaders are so upset with you, PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT YOU AND GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE BLUR, you don’t have abilities to do that, you are not good at her, you SHOULD feel guilty now! why la u don’t give a hand? why you are so stupid? why you always alone? Why and why and why!” All the voices come from your human side and not from the spirit side.

Why do you care about all that voices?

Do you think it is come from God? Do you think God will say such word?? Will he? Of course not! He’ll support you in all good things that you gonna do.

Hey! And he’ll say “Dear my child, you are confident enough and I’m here with you, don’t worry okay? You can be a good prayer, be confident and you know that you are good at even it is just a short prayer, people are listening to you coz u are delivering my words to them, they need time to digest all that. U don’t need abilities to do that, have FAITH in me. You are clever as everybody, you are not alone because I’m just next to you, always and forever” 

How wonderful is our GOD He created each and everyone of us equally, based on his image. He creates you and me like a genuine NIKE and not the fake Nike. 
Don’t feel unworthy because you are always worthy to Him. He’ll always lead you. Don’t listen to all the negatives voices, those are not come from God, it’s either from our human voice or the evil one.

I’ve learn about boundary. There is a boundary in all things we has made actually. One of it is EMotional Boundary. Special thanks to my deary brenda! I love you bren! *Hugs.

Well, hmmm… Eventually, I’m facing that now. Hahahahhaahaha…. I f I say I am stupid? Cannot.. God will not say such word to you, why la u minta puji mau lebih advance than God.

I promise myself that I’ll try my best not to use the “SHOULD” word coz I just wanna try la. Hahahaha… I’ll say no when I really mean no! Hehehehhehee… 

First step that i'm planning to do is Reflection about myself... The strength that i have which can help to support myself in making decision wisely, prudent and let my yes mean yes & no really mean no. It's my choice. Not yours. God has given us free will. So, don't feel bad about it okay dear Valerie?? Hehehhe... 

God Saranghae 

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