faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Monday, June 27, 2011


-side feeling-

Have you ever felt that people just using you, feel something is not right, hhaahaha… this is not the point la.
with blur face in the middle of nowhere
You know, it is very hURT when people show you their AngRy face”dislike face”, or bLaming you because they want you to be there as soon as possible to give back their room key, sort of thing like that, then, blaming you for being late to be there “showing hatred face”, teasing you till you feel isolated, blaming you for menyamaking their place, disrespecting you when they talk,  not appreciating you to be there, saying that you are so not into this ‘group/ same head’,  suddenly saying something rude like to shoo you out from the place, then, not bringing you to their gossiping topic because you aren’t in the same boat.
Yea… maybe i’m different, but it doesnt mean i’m feelingless =’(
How i WISH that i can run away from this life!! I juz wanna be like in Korean drama, where one day i found my enjoyable life with an understanding Boyfriend or Husband. Live happily ever after without any hassle anymore. Yes!!
O God, Please listen to my stupid cry out “huh?” Val, enough dreaming.
"ma future house- in my dream i mean"

I dont wanna be isolated by people who live around me “sometimes only la”, whom i call my biological family”
i am sick and tired with all this feeling, need to deal with!!! with all things have happened!!
 i Thank God for giving me this Full Bar OF Patient In ma HearT!
 Praise You LorD Jesus Christ
i need these now please!
and then this
aGaiN !! 
& for desert

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