faith, hope & Love

faith, hope & Love

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Willing To Share

“Be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share.” –  1 Timothy 6:18
As one of my sis in Christ told us that “Sharing is blessing”, w0w! I gotta tell ya that i love it so much! =). Well, with our gifts that God has given us, are we goin’ to use it by our own sake? We accept the gift and keep it for ourselves? Is that what God want us to do?
Love is giving for the world’s needs,
Love is sharing as the Spirit leads,
Love is caring when the world cries,
Love is compassion with Christ like eyes. -Brandt

I'm gonna share God's love to others!! ^^
God’s love is so real!!! His wonderful plan for me is really-really infinite wonderful; His grace is enough for me. 0h yeah! I feel so great! Every morning seems very great morning for me.. Especially when you are far from family and friends, it feel different when you are staying with relative that has different religion. So far ok la =) last year I told God that if I’m going to stay at home doing my internship nearby, then I promised Him to go Wednesday Gathering at YPC there, same as Lifenite, gonna stay at my aunt’s house perhaps. But now?? Hmm.. He provides everything for me! I can’t believe this happened to me. Very perfect life =) feel so Empowered.


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  2. Hi coffee girl =) hehehe... yea, sure, just link. thanks anyway. God bless you =)